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10 Benefits Of Running & How To Make It Interesting

10 Benefits Of Running & How To Make It Interesting

benefits of running
Running is the most easiest, effective and amazing practice for losing heavy pounds or working out for over-all health benefits. We’ve all seen those folks jogging/running with long and lean bodies moving swiftly in the rhythm of nature in an open garden or a ground. I have personally never been into sports and I write this blog today to get inspired to make that move and initiate a running regime. I have been missing out a lot on exercising my body due to the lazy cold weather still lingering in the city I live. So I thought with my daily walks I must add some running to the groove. And as you all know I love making lists to inject inspiration and I believe when you know why you are doing what you are doing, the whole process gets more meaningful and enjoyable. Hence, let’s begin to uncover benefits of running and see how getting out for 10 minutes a day can make a difference –

  1. Better Memory – Running helps in increasing the growth of new brain cells that improves the ability to recall old memories, learning and other cognitive skills.
  2. Good Sleep – Running boosts a good night sleep and is very effective for people suffering from insomnia.
  3. Increased Stamina – Regular running practice will lead to greater stamina and endurance making your other exercises more enjoyable.
  4. Lose Weight – Burning those calories with running is the top most preferred exercise. It helps in getting you in shape and creating a new look for your body.
  5. Keeps Your Heart Healthy – This cardiovascular activity pumps up and loves your heart a lot. It reduces the risk of heart diseases, heart attacks or any other related problems.
  6. Confidence – Running will change your gait, posture and propose a boost of confidence in your body. You will find yourself standing tall and lean. If you set some minor goals and achieve them, your mental self image will also change transforming you into a better individual and you will always feel good about yourself.
  7. Stress Away – Every time you are stressful any kind of physical activity can do wonders in releasing the negative emotions, easing down the mood swings and decreasing depression. Running will be a quick one to give a shot!
  8. Stronger Bones – Keep your bones healthier and stronger and reap one of the main benefits of running.
  9. Natural Glow – Ditch all those BB creams, fairness products and try a running practice for radiant skin.
  10. Live Longer – If you love your life then running can let you enjoy it a little more in a healthy and positive way.

If these benefits of running have convinced you to Get, Set…and  Go then here are some interesting tips to keep the momentum high. If you are already a runner, try some fresh ideas to incorporate more fun.

  • Take the road less traveled – Start on a route that is new, unexplored and adventurous.
  • Run on stairs – Find a place with “n” number of stairs and start an up and down running on that trail!
  • Run a favorite/practiced trail backwards – Once you are accustomed to a route, do it backwards but make sure to have a friend accompany you so you don’t injure yourself by any chance.
  • Change scenes around – Try new areas, routes and be an explorer with sports shoes!
  • Grab a partner – Call your friends and get them running too!
  • New proud playlist – Music is important so make a playlist you can flaunt and be proud of
  • Or run to a beat – music apps for running like “Rock My Run”
  • Try a day without gadgets – Detachment is the zone here!
  • Sign up for a marathon – Signing up for a marathon or registering for a race in your town will make you take your practice seriously.
  • Smile at every stranger while you stride – Spread love on trails and be open to making new running buddies.
  • Set a goal and update it on your social networks – This will make you even more accountable to show up everyday.
  • Get into a group – Keep the humble competition going.
  • Rewards – Keep small, economical, healthy ways to reward yourself.
  • Run with a dog – Dogs make excellent partners and they are fun to be around!
  • Skip and hop – Stop and try skipping in between.
  • Mindfulness/Gratefulness Running – This one would be my favorite: Watch your steps, be observing and grateful as you run.


Easy and simple the benefits of running are not just limited to the physical aspects but comes with psychological improvements. You can add so much fun with simple to-do’s and tips to keep the energy going in achieving a healthy body, positive mind and an awesome lifestyle. 

Ever tried running before, share your thoughts?



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