By Ruchika Batra

10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Do Yoga!

10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Do Yoga!

After the much hyped International Yoga Day celebration, here’s a quick read on why you should NOT do yoga  – 

1. It Will Make You Responsible For Your Life

The moment you take the decision to hit the yoga mat, you have taken the responsibility of not just changing your body but your inner energies, your attitudes and your life’s format for good. This is something we usually avoid because its really painful and demanding of our own personal efforts. The practice of yoga will re-emphasize that the control of your happiness and peace is your own hands and  you have all the power to make it work for you. Now the question is will you?

2. It will Change Your Food Habits/Addictions

Yoga is a lifestyle approach and not merely about twisting the body.

Yoga is a lifestyle approach and not merely about twisting the body. After every yoga session, you will feel the ease, you will be free like a feather and your spirits will be high. Your cravings will improve and you will seek out food with higher vibration, less spices and everything wrapped with goodness.

3. Love Drama? Don’t DO Yoga

If you enjoy pity parties, self-sabotaging, making someone the boss of your life and blaming others for surviving, then Yoga is not for you. Yoga will shut the doors to your drama factory. You will have moments of reflections, epiphanies and your innate nature of looking at things will be magnified from the perspective of a victor than a victim.

4. Your Wardrobe Will Change

You will begin to be hypnotized by breathable clothes, your preference of style will change and you will want to make heads turned by your inner persona and internal fashionista than the glossy cover up of your closet. You will start feeling inner grace, inner beauty and your face will reflect the happiness and acceptance of your self.

5. You Will Start Feeling Your Feelings

I have cried on the yoga mat several times and I have felt vulnerable with shivering compassion. When you unite your body, mind and soul you feel every aspect of your emotions, your hidden feelings come forward. All those moments you have been avoiding will start boiling up and the only way left would be to go through them.

6. You Will Become Grateful 

Gratitude is medicine, it can tweak everything for you in an instant. If you have a dedicated yoga practice, your life will be a constant play of being grateful for your life, food, people and everything that inspires you to evolve and be better. You will even start feeling great about your body because you will observe how awesomely it cooperates with you. It does everything you want, the pose you started months back will start reaching its perfect form and you will be surprised on how well you can hold it.

7. It Will Open Your Body and Your Heart

From the physical aspect, yoga will eliminate all the illnesses, open your body for positivism, transform it with free-flowing energy and joy. And because everything we do is co-related, it directly unlocks our heart and cracks it open so we feel more kind, humble and patient.

8. It Will Make You Believe In Stuff You Don’t Want To Believe

No matter how much we say yoga is just a practice of asanas or a shift of living from a holistic manner, it will lead us to experience things and visions we would have never imagined. It is a spiritual technology and the most simplest science to go beyond this realm.

It is a spiritual technology and the most simplest science to go beyond this realm.

9. You Will Be Happy To Break Up With The Negative Patterns

Yogi’s complain, they even gossip and they will talk about their jealous behavior, ego issues and random negative dialogues but they are all willing to get over it. They will break up with the negative patterns by using their tools of forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude. They are happy to follow this cycle forever! They know how to come back home 🙂

10. You Will Realize THERE is MORE to Life and You Will Go Crazy Wanting It

You will feel that life has a lot more to offer than just a few millions, flashy cars and a famous life. Your desires will change and you would not want to settle for any less. You would go crazy wanting to explore and experience the unknown, the cosmic and the divine!

Are you ready to take this risk? Are you anymore motivated to do YOGA? 🙂 Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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