10 Tweetables From Ronnie Screwvala’s Book “Dream With Your Eyes Open”

Written by Ruchika

I am a sucker for books that inspire, I respect people who have gone beyond the ordinary to establish themselves as fierce and “limitless” beings. I believe in the purpose of life and I crave to model the successful path and walk differently.

“Dream With Your Eyes Open” is that one breakthrough entrepreneurial journey of Ronnie Screwvala from his early days of theater, television programs and owning a toothbrush company to venturing into producing offbeat movies and television shows.  The whole book has been laid down with personal anecdotes combined with motivational nuggets and a great format that will leave you awestruck, will kick your ass and really coerce you to dream with radical perspectives and GO for what you really really want. It is one of those books you need to read when you are in doubt, willing to scale your small businesses, or you want to innovate and visualize a new dream! The book will walk you in all the directions you need to route when you are starting out to stand out from the rat race.

Here are some of the quotes that got me all shaky and I hope they trigger you too – 

Loved reading this book because I am on a journey of following my own dreams and passions. I have been getting a lot of distractions off lately but I kept on choosing to do what I really enjoy because, honestly at the end of the day you don’t just need survival but engagement with every moment of life. That engagement only comes when you are enjoying your work and not struggling with it. There is a difference between hard work and smart work. Just keep doing the right things and the right outcome will definitely show up for you and never ever forget to dream! 



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