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100th Blog Post + Messy Lessons Of My Blogging Journey & Living The Dream

100th Blog Post + Messy Lessons Of My Blogging Journey & Living The Dream


You are reading the 100th blog post of this website and if you have been around for a while, let me first thank you for supporting endlessly and revisiting this little space that I call my virtual home. You are awesome and I am grateful for your little unsaid gestures and likes, comments and your willingness to join me in this journey of choosing a happier & a healthier lifestyle with every passing moment. You are just amazing, believe me!! This wouldn’t have been possible without you!! So, thanks a bunch!! 🙂 🙂 and if you are someone who is here for the first time, come check my messy journey.

So, I started blogging while I was working in a very awesome job that I loved irrevocably. Introduced to this field by a senior, I found a way to express my confused emotions, create a space between me and my material world and just be able to write down everything that was bothering me and there was a lot to cover in that aspect and you can see, its still not over for me, ha! Blogging not only gave me a space to express but to learn and figure out what I wanted to do with my life truly. As cliched as it may sound, but it gave me my purpose and my vision to disseminate everything I was absorbing in the domains of personal development, yoga, spirituality, health and wellness.

This is my 5th blog since 2010 and the only one to hit its century. I have had a such a great time running this platform and I cannot explain how excited I am to expand it and take it to another level. Namaste Happiness was my goal for a very long time but it took its shape after I learned a couple of lessons in the coarse that I would like to share with you today. In every field, in every job, in every “follow your passion” advice people forget that it takes a lot of courage and trust to elevate the experience of existence. It’s not easy and you have to put a lot at stake, I quit my job (a decision I regretted for a while), was struggling to find a stable career, was having a rough time with my long-distance relationship when I gave birth to this space. With an intention of making personal development an acceptable topic to discuss over beer sessions, promoting yoga for holistic living and poking people to evolve consciously as I kept working on myself. I wanted my blog to be a medium of making positive changes through healing modalities, tools and techniques assembled in one platform for the generation who loves organic beauty as much as they love talking about life from a radical perspective. I hope you are enjoying the ride 🙂

And for anyone who wants to follow their passion, here are some lessons that might help  –

1. Have An Element Of Fun

From working in a day job to creating an empire, if you don’t have fun in whatever you do, life will be a one unsolvable mathematical equation. Fun is that lovely emotion that we all desire because it keeps us focused, lively, energetic and authentic. When you have fun in your work, its passion in stupendous action. I am always thrilled to write my next blog post, I look at everything from my blogger’s eyes because it is so much fun for me and that’s the only reason I could hit a 100.

2. Add Value To people’s Lives

No matter what you do, always add value to people’s lives. There is no way you can measure the value you give because even if you just smile at someone who is having a bad day, you will end up  transforming their emotions for good. Whatever job you have or the dream you want to live, make sure its about the people you want to serve and not about you. Be of value!

3. Stay True To Your Interests

You will encounter a lot of distractions, a lot of choices that could help you earn easy money in life but always stay true to your interests. I am passionate about personal development and though I write about a happy + healthy lifestyle in general but my words always revolve around & bounce back to the toolbox of taking charge of life. Find one interest that drives you and generate your needs around it.

4. You Decide Your Own Worth

The moment you start believing in your own worth,  trusting yourself and walking like you mean it, the world responds in the same manner. Don’t give the calculator to other people, decide it for yourself. Work for it and align your desires, actions and intentions within that sphere.

5. Consistency Is The Key

Have a schedule, productive habits and a lifestyle that pushes you to work on your highest potential. No matter what happens, always be consistent in your efforts. Don’t let failure drag you down, keep your goals practical and  achievable. Consistency will help you boost your confidence, keep your spirits high and lead you to success.

6. Always Have A PLAN

Remember I told you I left my job to follow a dream without a plan in the beginning. Something I regretted for a while because a stable income is sex bomb. And money is important for survival! So, before you make any type of shift in life, have a plan of action to fall back to. Treat your dream like a business and be sure of what you are getting into. Yes, you will end up with something else altogether, there will be major re-directions but begin with a concrete ground to fall on to.

7. Surround Yourself With Supporters & Positive Peeps

You are the sum of 5 people you surround yourself everyday. We unconsciously pick habits, behaviors, attitudes from the people we spend our time with. Make sure that you deliberately surround yourself with the cheerleaders, supporters and ridiculously optimistic peeps. And be the one for yourself too 🙂 Support yourself, trust yourself and most importantly always believe in yourself!

So, what’s your favorite take-away from this post or your favorite blog from the website? Do share your thoughts below, because you make my day! 🙂



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