11 things that you should consider before buying a home!

Written by Ruchika

Home is a place where we rewind, recharge and surrender ourselves. It’s a place of love and happiness, it’s our sacred space to fall back when life kicks in. It takes ages to create a home of your dreams, it takes efforts and a lot of nurturing to build the lifetime of memories. My family has shifted 3 houses and I have been a conscious observer of how it all failed and succeeded. Therefore, here are 11 things you need to consider before buying a home –

  1. Take your time – Buying a home is a BIG decision and rushing into what you like at first should not be your go-to reaction. You should take your own sweet time in comprehending why you want to buy a house and how exactly do you see it. 
  2. Have a check-list – If you are someone who travels a lot, you would have different needs than someone who wants to settle with his/her family. Your expectations should be compiled in one check-list for you to track the home you want to purchase. 
  3. What’s your budget – The amount you want to invest will clearly filter the location, requirements and the things you can afford. Keep an eye on your finances and credit card statements and come up with a budget that suits you and your family. 
  4. Try the new way of house hunting – Going out and about hunting for agents in your city can be painful. Instead,  try HDFC RED app that can save your time and effort, making it easier for you to create your dream life soon. It’s available for both Android and iOS.  They have a vast list of properties under their umbrella in different cities and they are constantly expanding.
  5. Dig Deeper – Look out for all the builders in bangalore  or plots in delhi through the HDFC RED app and reach thousands of verified properties and real-estate agents in just one click through priority search. 
  6. Use your head not your heart– Don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal that doesn’t suffice you. Don’t be shy to say NO when it doesn’t work for you. There will be hundred other options and properties waiting for your settlement. 
  7. Don’t let yourself feel pressured – It’s okay to invest your time and energy while looking for a home. You have to keep your calm and move through the process with ease and know that it takes more than you think! 
  8. Have questions carefully crafted for the builder/agent – Once you know what are your requirements, ask as many questions as possible to bridge the gap of reality and your dreams. 
  9. Negotiate – It’s essential you settle as per your budget and financial constraint instead of putting yourself into regret later. Buy the home you can afford now and not five years down the line. Its’s mandatory to negotiate! 
  10. Know how the home-buying process works – Selecting your dream property is one thing but owning it with all legal formalities is another. There is a lot of paper work and authorization that needs to be done before you actually start living in the place. Keep those skills handy! 
  11. Reserve some cash for interiors and improvements – There will be many things you would like to alter, change and add into your space. It can be a shelf, window, door etc. You might want to do the interiors differently and change that wallpaper or create a new balcony. You got to save some money for all of those requirements!

Buying a dream home is task but with all the points mentioned above, I am sure you can do a great job! Happy hunting!



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