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17 Lessons I Learned From 17 Days Of Traveling!

17 Lessons I Learned From 17 Days Of Traveling!

So, Hey there!

It’s been a great internet shut down for me from last couple of weeks, I was out exploring the world and collecting memories while experiencing different cultures and ogling in awe at the Universe. Traveling is the most wonderful process of getting closer to yourself and inhibiting some adventurous yet humble values that daily life can never teach you. From Rome to Venice, South Of France, Monaco and Amsterdam; I am back to the regular life but as a new and different person. Here are some weird, unforgettable and beautiful lessons I learned on my way –

Cultures may differ, Language may differ but everyone is going though the same chaos –

We may think that people are more happier or satisfied because they have access to certain technological advancements or they are living the greatest life possible with all that freedom and money but when you travel; you realize that everyone has issues. We all suffer in some way or the other; no matter where we live. So, instead of hunting for that next BIG thing or asset to make you happy; try and be happy where you are!


Dance and Sing wherever Possible!

Life is a celebration! Dance and sing wherever you can. Don’t hesitate, don’t shy away!


Practice Letting Go

You will end up missing your flight, booking a terrible hotel, your friends may ditch or you may have to change plans spontaneously; practice letting go of everything that doesn’t help in maximizing your experience.

Conversations make the best travel stories

You will forget where you went, what you saw but you will never be able to forget the conversations you had with locals. Talking to people, taking a glance at their culture with their perception and shrinking the geographical, psychological, cultural gap with deep rooted, mind-blowing conversations will always remain close to your travel bug heart.

Carry your own food; if you are a vegetarian

This World of ours is huge, eye-pleasing, different and all that stuff but if you are a vegetarian; traveling is going to be a pain for you! You can definitely survive on pizza for a week but it will be great if you bring stuff to eat than clothes to wear.


Click pictures wherever you go but breathe first!

Capturing moments with camera is no doubt very important but make sure you let your senses absorb the scenery and view first!

And Beware of Photo Bombers!


Always say YES to random events


If you see a random carnival happening around your hotel/place or you get an invite for any couch surfing meetup; just go for it. You will end up getting drunk, feeling happy or just plain awesome!

Explore first, Sleep later

You will get exhausted but if you live each day as it comes and explore every single moment; life will surprise you!

travel life lessonsKindness is a Universal Language!

People love greeting each other with smiles and words and they keep it all casual and amiable! It was amazing to sing Merci! Merci! and Ciao! Bonjour! while in France and Italy! Learn some basic words of the city you are traveling to and be kind!

Make YouTube your official Travel guide

If you want to hire a city tour, its great but if you have a limited amount of budget then YouTube is your best man!

Don’t be afraid!

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t panic! Practically try to solve it and take logical steps instead of rushing into a solution that does not create a win-win setting!

Stop for the views & Cherish them!

Those waves, that sunset, massive architecture or beauty in any way will leave you awestruck.

You will find your tribe wherever you go!

You will bump into people from your home country or locals who love the culture you belong to. You will always find people who you can resonate with wherever you go.


There is no such thing as a must-see

Have your own itinerary, your own list of attractions or places you would like to explore. But the best is to just get lost, walk around, bike in the city and keep wandering in public transportation!


The more you travel, the more you WANT to travel

The desire is endless.


As cliched as it may sound but journey is more important than the destination!

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