By Ruchika Batra

20 Mantras For Loving Thyself

20 Mantras For Loving Thyself

Loving yourself is all you are here to do, very precisely!

Life is a process of experiencing new joys, unlearning some past beliefs, jumping and hopping on to the fresh bed of roses and living our authentic selves. Self-love is the greatest and easiest way to lead a life from the state of well-being, happiness and high frequency. It is one of the beautiful gifts you can give to yourself. We all are here to embrace our uniqueness and rejoice in the imperfections and diversity of this very vast universe. Everything that troubles you can be dissolved in the solution of self-love. From low self-esteem to relationship issues to family drama, everything can be simply comprehended and changed with an attitude of self-love. Most of the times it is because we operate from the zone of victimization that we always find ourselves going through difficult times. But worry not! Self-love is here to save you and alter your perception!

What is a “Mantra” – 

……A statement of intention

……A guide

……An object of focus

……A sacred formula

Mantras can be affirmations but they are true to your essence. You can create your own mantras which makes more sense to you or you can borrow from the Google world whatever resonates with you or you can pick any 2-3 mantras given below. (If you want to check out why mantras work, go here)

We all carry an inner voice, a dialogue, a conversation that is on the player mode involuntarily in our heads. That voice can be loving or self-sabotaging! It changes with situations and circumstances, it has the same tone but a nature that reflects our reactions. If you are reading this article right now, I can assume that voice has not been very positive with you. So let’s change the tone and alter our inner dialogues!

“How to use Mantras”

……Stand in front of a mirror and speak them to yourself.

…….Write in a journal.

…….Keep injecting the repetitive positive statements in your inner dialogues.

…..Post-it on your work-desk/ wallet/anywhere you can always see

Mantras are supposed to make you feel good, they act as reminders of your inner presence, they are positive energetic words that uplift and inspire you. They reassure you that you are in safe hands and they are meant to transform your sub-conscious beliefs that are not serving you.

Now without much delay, lets start with 20 of these beautiful mantras – 

  • You don’t need to like me. It’s my job
  • I am worthy of my desires
  • I am not the victim of the world I see
  • My mistakes do not define me
  • I am responsible for how I feel
  • I love and accept myself unconditionally
  • I am grateful for my life and all that I have
  • I know who I am..and I am enough
  • I refuse to buy into other people’s negative energy
  • I am my own savior
  • I am committed to love and respect myself
  • I have personal boundaries and I will not take any non-sense
  • I will party where I am
  • I give myself permission to live with authenticity
  • I own my power
  • I am mastering the art of ease and joy
  • I allow myself to have fun
  • I forgive myself and all the self-sabotaging thoughts
  • I open my heart to receiving and healing
  • I honor my body the way it is

Which mantra would you pick? or do you have something different that you would like to share? Comment your go-to phrase below 🙂 



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