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3 Graceful Ways To Make Peace With Your Past

The word ‘past’ comes with an obvious negative emotion and punches us right in the gut. Every time we commit the same mistake or even think about replaying the old patterns, we are taken aback in shame, guilt or sudden outburst of fear. We all have that past we want to hide from the world and from our own selves too. It can be in the form of decisions, situations, people, relationships, patterns, emotional triggers or just those places that we don’t want to visit because of the memories attached. It can range from a small instance to a major embarrassing cluster of moments. It can be a single habit or an attitude issue. We all are afraid of it, I am afraid of it. But we all know that beating ourselves down for the mistake we did years back or blaming others for something that happened a year ago will lead us nowhere and wont do any good to anyone. We all need to let got of  it at some point in life and if by any chance you are ready to start today, here are some ways that can help you make peace with your past  –

1. Awareness 

Only when you are aware of it, you can transform it. Only when you recognize it, you can invest efforts to make some changes. You must be aware of your past situations, behaviors, patterns, decisions and beliefs that are still keeping you stuck and small. You have to accept them in your heart with humble emotions and not scratch it over and over again with judgement. Just simply observe them and be aware fully, only then you will be able to let go of them and move through that space.

Only when you are aware of it, you can transform it.

2. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a wonderful practice that has the power to shift your world. Its a medicine for the ailing heart and wounded feelings. It takes courage to forgive people or our own selves for our past situations and decisions. Its not at all easy, and I know that we all want to take revenge and feed our ego’s, we all want to be right in blaming others and we want to feel that temporary satisfaction of making them feel bad about whatever happened. But honestly we cannot ever be happy if we choose that path. After you have recognized the things that you want to let go of, choose the practice of forgiveness and free yourself. Write a letter and burn it down, be willing to see things differently in your heart and forgive yourself for all that you think you shouldn’t have done. You deserve a second chance to live life in this moment without all the mental drama and chaos. You deserve to be happy right where you are and move ahead from here.

3. Surrender & Seek Guidance

There is a lesson in every disappointing situation, act of suffering and in every painful heartbreak. There is always something we can learn to be better and adopt for a lovely future. It’s not just about being wiser but about being smart in the way you deal with life. Seek the help of your inner guidance system and ask for your lesson in the past that you haven’t been able to see. Surrender your clingy attachment to the past situation to whoever you believe in and request for a different perspective, so you don’t have to go through the same crap again.

There is a lesson in every disappointing situation, act of suffering and in every painful heartbreak

And most importantly, be patient with the whole process.

So, what are you trying to let go of? Share with me in the comments below? Talking about is your first step to awareness!



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