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3 Most Important Tips To Raise Self Esteem

3 Most Important Tips To Raise Self Esteem

Self-esteem or the value that we put on ourselves determines our reactions, responses and attitudes toward this roller-coaster life. It defines how sensitive or indifferent we become. It contributes to our inner world of happiness and our outer successes. It is basically a very important ingredient to the recipe of an awesome life! The higher your self-esteem the better you are at mastering your emotions and less blown away by criticism or heartbreaks. Self-esteem enacts as a protective layer that not only works and fight for you in your professional domain but also keeps your self-image healthy and happy when it comes to personal issues or family dramas. It is THE thing that we need to have a full control over!

If you get upset very easily or other people’s opinions matter to you the most then you need to work on building your own value step by step. If you feel nervous in the company of others and you try to impress them always, if you doubt yourself for everything and you fall in the pit of comparison then please do check out these three tools to start mindfully –

Celebrate Small WINS – Any grand success will definitely make you a showstopper of your life but it’s the small wins that contribute towards it. The first move is to recognize on a daily basis what you are doing and getting success at. It can be as simple as waking up on time or having a daily ritual of sorts. You need to acknowledge and appreciate yourself for the small steps you are taking to mold yourself into a person you want to become. Don’t take your little efforts for granted, Got a compliment? Write it down and be happy about it. Good day at work? Treat yourself with a cup of coffee!

The value that you wish to hike in yourself will take daily repetitive small actions and efforts. So, celebrate your small wins and try to keep the momentum going.

Focus on the Body Language – You can very easily recognize the difference between a very confident person and an individual with inferiority complex. Confident people have a very graceful stance, shoulders rolled back and smiles on their faces with a very stable and comfortable body language. It’s the less confident ones who are standing back and leaning on the wall just listening to others without much of a presence in the room. They wish to hide themselves and they have this opinion that everyone is better than them. So, let’s change it!

Adopt a body language that ignites confidence. It has been scientifically proven that if you stand tall, feet apart, powerfully in your zone you change your emotions and the way you react. Body and mind are co-related so if you cant change your mind, tweak and play with your body. Before you go for a meeting, interview or anything of great importance to you, walk like you own it and fake it as much as you can because it will show you some amazing results.

Positive Inner Dialogue – How do you know if you have higher self esteem or lower? What defines it?

The answer is your inner voice. We have this very soft or loud voice in our heads that keeps narrating how our lives are going to unfold. If we will get that job or not, if we always screw up or we are going to make it no matter what. It’s this little voice who comes from somewhere in our bodies and dictates everything. But the fact is its the voice that you own, it doesn’t own you. You can change the words it uses if you are not satisfied by its governance. You can reduce its volume by not focusing on it much.

I read it somewhere that “The thought is different from the thinker”

You are the thinker and you control your thoughts so whenever you find yourself criticizing or using negative and self- sabotaging statements for yourself, please stop and change those words!

Self esteem is a process of accepting ourselves completely and making peace with our lives. It will take time if you are always whining and being hard on yourself but its not impossible.

So begin today 🙂

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