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3 Life Lessons For The Indian Girl Who Loves Cricket!

In India, cricket is a religion, it is larger than life, magical and often referred as the Gentleman’s Game. We have been born and brought up watching and playing cricket, we have witnessed the men in the family getting back home before time only to watch that favorite series or having a big gala gathering with crazy fun under one roof.

It is a maniac sports which has been male dominated from decades and being a girl or a woman who loves cricket in this society can get really freaky and scary. But over the years women have really come forward and showcased their achievements in the field of sports. Names like Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Anjum Chopra and Mary Kom, have transformed the whole dogma of “Women don’t like sports.” With such great presence of woman power in this industry there is also a great rise in the number of female sports lovers. And cricket being so popular and simple, its reach is not limited to the men section anymore. Though, you will find some folks still ranting the same old belief but if you are one of that girl who loves cricket and is mad about the World Cup these days, here are a few inspirational reminders for you –

1. Value Yourself

We as women underestimate ourselves a lot in many aspects of life, be it career, family or relationships. We have been programmed to play small and be at home, not a real fun way to play right? So, if you are that girl who loves cricket or if you can throw some cricket jargon’s around your friend circle, you deserve a pat on the back girl! Value yourself because in life if you don’t value who you are, nobody else will. No matter if you have to face criticism, judgement and doubts about your love for this game, just value your passion and own it. Let your voice echo and allow yourself to celebrate your unique interest.

2. You Have To Create Your Own Image In Life 

You really don’t have to be a tomboy to love cricket and you certainly don’t have to get your sex changed to be a part of this game. You can be whoever you want to be. Many a times women fool themselves only to get approved of their guy friends. We either watch cricket from a corner being tight-lipped or get lost in the manly crowd. You don’t have to give up on your grace and style while being a cricket enthusiast, so enjoy flaunting your feminine energy in your favorite pieces, sport shoes or wear polo t-shirts for the fact that they can be easily paired with a denim and work as a cute fashionable fix for a sporty look and just create your own space. In life it is very essential to have your own identity, your own story that is authentic to who you are. You have to pull together your own individuality, your image and walk on the path that truly makes you happy.

3. Don’t Expect People To Understand You

“So, you like cricket for Virat Kohli?”

“Do you even know what’s a white ball”

“Are you aspiring to be a cheer-leader?”

These are some shit tests people are going to throw at you when you bring your love for this game on table. The important thing to remember is; don’t expect them to understand you or your passion and I am sure you must have encountered these scenarios before. Let them be who they are and you show up as who you are. Don’t get bogged down and don’t expect folks to understand. Because when you put a full stop on your expectations from other people, you allow yourself to be fearless, honest and you regain a sense of power and control over your life. You become more confident and confident women are really really sexy! So choose to accept that not everyone will understand your desires, your aspirations or share your interests with mutual respect. It is better to walk with no expectations in life.


World Cup obsession is not just limited to Indian Men, we women can also enjoy the game and scream over sixes and cry over a catch. There comes amazing thoughtful lessons with it as well. Value your own voice as a cricket lover, possess who you are, create your own image in life and stop following the rate race without any expectations. 🙂

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  • Male ego’s fragmented sense of self has become acute with centuries of societal conditioning. But I am seeing a glimmer of hope in the current generation of mankind

  • Male ego’s fragmented sense of self has become acute with centuries of societal conditioning. But I am seeing a glimmer of hope in the current generation of mankind.

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