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3 Reasons Why Positive Thinking Won’t Work (and how to fix it)

3 Reasons Why Positive Thinking Won’t Work (and how to fix it)

Self-improvement begins with this very fancy yet wonderful concept of “Positive Thinking”. It is a discipline that trains the human mind to change a perceived reality by repeatedly making positive mental statements. We start by changing negative thoughts into positives by dramatically talking and repeating desirable words. We visualize and we write positive dialogues and statements. I would say it is one sugar coated candy that we hand over to a crying kid who is stubbornly demanding for a toy. It doesn’t solve the problem but keeps the noise at bay for a while. The whole idea of having positive thoughts is standardly misconceived by the generation today and is regarded as plain fallacy. The entirety of this inspiring topic is not a lie or sham, only the way we have been using it is. The way we execute positive thinking is the matter that needs our zoom-in lenses. Because the concept if implemented in the correct manner would turn into a wand and if not then it becomes a heavy load of disaster. Let’s explore why positive thinking doesn’t work and what can we do to fix this issue 🙂

  • Perception is too rosy – With positive thoughts what happens is that we completely deny the reality. We transit into this wishful thinking zone where the world is perfect, the desires are easily met and living the dream is just a blink away. Whenever our troubles show up if we start denying their existence and get under this positive hat where we only “think” about the positive outcomes, nothing would change. We may start scribbling happy statements which are opposite of what’s happening but beneath that we are fooling ourselves.

Solution – Don’t IGNORE, AVOID or even DISMISS the situation at hand with positive thinking. Look at it with realistic view and see what can possibly be positive or turn out in your favor. Ask questions what can you learn here? or How can you move through this experience in a less harmful way. Whenever you indulge in a dialogue with yourself and you start telling yourself any of the positive story or happy affirmations, don’t talk the opposite. Start with baby steps in “Positive Thinking”, don’t jump to ridiculously different expectations and visualizations which in your heart you believe aren’t true. From saying”I am happy and beautiful” try “I know I feel terrible and I hate myself but I am ready to look at it differently”, “I am ready to accept myself the way I am”. “I know I feel stagnant and am going through a major problem but may be there is a way out”. Don’t get into a place where you start disbelieving yourself instead go step by step and choose the next positive thought that works the best for you.

  • Missing Action – Think good thoughts and you may attract a good life. The “Secret” has actually made this belief very popular but its not just the thinking that works. Yes, Universe will do anything for you and without a doubt law of attraction works but you have to do the dance together. With the concept of Positive thinking we are only told to think and not do or feel. It should become a mix of thoughts, feelings and action together only then the purpose of treading the path of personal development will be successful.

Solution – Imagine you are hungry and you are craving one delicious pizza, so you start visualizing and repeating these positive statements to yourself that you are eating this really scrumptious pizza but when you open your eyes you find yourself sitting shabbily on a chair trying to attract the pizza of your life. Unless you make that phone call you won’t get the required outcome, LOA (Law Of Attraction) may show up in a way that you get the best deal from the restaurant or you might just get it free or whatever. But you have to ORDER, move your ass and pick that smartphone, dial up and TAKE some action. You have to DO what all you can in any given situation, mere thinking won’t solve anything in life and you have to remember this all the time (and that rhymed). Positive thoughts combined with intentions and action should be your approach.

  • Attachment – We are on the best part of the positive thinking trap now, with this little idea we get attached to whatever it is that we want very badly. People who are positive thinkers are the ones who are in their own world, deceiving themselves and very terribly attached to whatever they are desiring to come true. And these are the people who become a regular part of this vicious circle where they fall often and eventually become the victim of the self-help industry.

Solution –  Let go of the attachment, simple. Having a strong wish for a grand outcome is great but keep a check on the fact that you don’t want to suffer if the exact thing doesn’t turn into your reality leaving you even more depressed. It is imperative to have some flexibility with your positive dreams.

Become a positive being instead of a positive thinker!!!

What are your thoughts?? 🙂

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