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5 Awesome & Unusual Meditation Practices

5 Awesome & Unusual Meditation Practices

“The only Zen you find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.”~Robert M. Pirsig

Meditation is more than just sitting on floor with closed eyes and orange robe. It is more than the way it has been told and prescribed. It is more of an intentional practice, mindfulness and living in the present. You don’t have to find a cave to begin your own journey of clearing your head and transporting into a state of nothingness, you can do it in anyway and anywhere! It is that easy. We have made the concept of meditation a real puzzle in our psyche. We have associated pain, patience and perseverance with it and we certainly think it is only instituted for hippies or sages. Let’s break the myth and uncover some breath-taking meditation practices of returning to our center with ease without disturbing our daily chores –

1. Walking Meditation – We walk all the time, every day, be it walking down to that metro station so you can catch your train to work or to that grocery shop in the evening. Walking is a great technique to be mindful and is a way to keep your body healthy and fit. When you intentionally walk to meditate, you do it slowly, with focus on all your body parts and breath. It is a form of meditation in action and the intention is to be aware of the walking experience. Its a really easy one, all you got to do is walk around a beautiful space and be aware of your foot steps and body movements.

2. Gibberish Meditation – This is the most fun and easy way of  producing happy hormones. It was 3 years back I was introduced to this technique and you won’t believe how much I laughed at it. It is a rare experience that comes with instant benefits. Gibberish meditation is one of the out-of box meditation technique that can help you release all sorts of pain, stress and confusion. It balances the mind in the right proportion and allows you to immerse and laugh and invoke your creative spirit. Start with sitting or standing still and making non-sense voices, yep! Go all crazy, mad, scream, sing in gibberish. You should not use any language or words and just keep on expressing yourself with lalalalalnfejffirjfrjkl;wkdlewjkef.ekfekfkj Keep going on! After you are done, sit in stillness and roll your energy inwards and just relax. Let go of your active mind and witness your energy and sensations.

3. Washing Dishes Meditation – Ah! the chore of washing dishes is so annoying that we despise even its thought. Well, nowadays we don’t have to indulge in it because we have the system and convenience of getting it done by servants and maids. But those ladies sometimes don’t show up and we find ourselves cringing and cursing! So here comes a meditation tool by master Thich Nhat Hanh. Wash dishes one utensil at a time, paying attention and taking it all slow and mindfully. Feel the water, the noise and pay close attention to your hands.

4. Red Light Meditation – Every time we encounter a red light on roads we become super red with anger and frustration. We hate those honks and we see a world full of idiots. The perception becomes hazy and there is so much of  hatred that comes forth while waiting for the signal to go green. It is a perfect time to be aware of our breath and sit in stillness. You can either use that time to be grateful or just hear all those honks and noises without any judgement and living in the present moment. We always have a choice!

5. Dance Meditation – Incorporating art and movement, we have a beautiful way of stepping up for self-acceptance, compassion, letting go of control and ego as we connect to our real selves. Dance meditation practices are a beautiful combination of rhythm, music and action. Any kind of dancing can be meditative if done with intention and attention. Dancing is a beautiful means of self discovery, you can express, change states and unite with your deepest emotions. So, find your dance energy, turn that music on and move your booty.

What are you going to try, tell me in the comments below?



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