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Balance Your Masculine & Feminine Energy – The Bingo Theory!

The Bingo Theory is a revolutionary guide to love, life and relationships.

Written by Mimi Ikonn, Co-founder Luxy Hair, Youtube sensation and my favorite person; the book revolves around the concept that we all have both the masculine and feminine energy within us.  And balancing them can lead to a happier life. If we can activate our weak energy we can tremendously change our lives and behavior. The book shares powerful tools, tips and effective techniques to make those changes. It walks you step by step in creating a beautiful relationship with your own self first and then shares some lessons on how you can have a loving relationship with your partner.

It is written in a very simple language and is a beginner’s guide to understanding how energies work. It is easy to read but lacks in-depth information. So, if you are new to this concept, you would love it but if you know about it then it can just act as a lovely reminder. I loved reading the book as I appreciate the message it wants to convey.

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