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5 Life Lessons From Tony Robbins: “I am NOT Your Guru” Documentary!

5 Life Lessons From Tony Robbins: “I am NOT Your Guru” Documentary!

Last week me and Ishan watched Tony Robbin’s documentary “I am NOT your Guru” on Netflix and we both were left fully charged up and ready to take on life yet again. We all crave for that push, that reminder and that feeling of bounce back to get a good hold and control of what we are experiencing within.  The documentary is behind the scenes at Tony Robbins event – Date With Destiny.  I am sure you must have heard about Tony Robbins but if you haven’t; here’s a little introduction –

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist and the nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist.

In my words, he is the man who gave us the fire-walk and NLP strategies that can change your life.  His words, his energy and his presence can lift anyone from the darkest places. The intensity of his voice and the depth of his message can pierce your limiting beliefs and help you achieve success in your life.

I am NOT your Guru is a documentary that captures his persona, how he does what he does and weaves a lot of stories from people whose lives have been transformed through that event in 2014. You can learn a lot from this documentary but here are 5 Lessons we are taking away –

We model our parents 

In the entire documentary with different examples of people coming forward and sharing their stories, their problems; the main recurring theme was that everyone took both the good and bad from their parents. Our childhood shapes our experience of this world. And only after forgiving, accepting those seeds; we can lead with our highest potential.

Blame people for the good and the bad 

It’s very easy to blame others for the bad they have done to us, for the things they haven’t given us, for the moments they have hurt us but we forget to blame them for the good they have done as well. Tony became the person he is today because of his dysfunctional past and child abuse. He blames his mother for not being there because it led him to end suffering for many others. He became a practical psychologist in the quest for happiness, peace and stability. So, blame people for good and you will feel relieved!!

Your body language is the key you need to unlock 

We often dismiss the power of Body Language and how it can help us achieve heights and do what we really want to do. Our body language can change our mental state in an instant. The whole documentary  shows how Tony changes his body language and gears himself up before stepping on to the stage. He jumps, dances and opens up to fully show up for the audience. In fact, he reads people through their actions and gestures. He solves their deepest issues not hearing the words they say but the way they are speaking.

Humor can break the pattern 

When Tony hears a question from anyone in the audience, his first reaction is to break their pattern and get them out of their story through the tool of humor. He will make fun of their shoes or make them laugh at any random thing they have said in order to upscale their perspective and create a distance between them and their thoughts. So, if you are having a bad time, you have some disturbing thoughts, limiting beliefs or your story is not letting you go for your dreams then just add a pinch of humor to break that neurological pattern and get out of that shell. Try it, its magical! 

Let it all out to feel Grateful

In the end of the movie, Tony walks everyone through a gratitude prayer/meditation where they all release everything that’s not working for them and feel grateful for the moment they are in. The collective vibe and the energy seeps out of the screen and you can feel the release of all those limitations and an unveiling of a new perspective for yourself.  Let go to move forward!


The movie is an amazing road-map to feeling inspired. You will have to watch it to know it. Though, there are no instructions, set rules or takeaway’s as it revolves around different stories but you will definitely learn a lot to change your life and have some amazing breakthroughs!

It’s available on NETFLIX 🙂 and here’s the trailer!

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