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5 Reasons To Go For Inner Engineering Course With Isha Foundation!

5 Reasons To Go For Inner Engineering Course With Isha Foundation!

The day I stumbled upon sadhguru‘s video on youtube, I was hooked right there and then. His words made sense, his statements shifted my many perceptions and his online presence somehow made me get involved in life with tremendous joy and expansion. I was eager to initiate myself into the Inner Engineering course, the introductory program offered by Isha Foundation run by Sadhguru.

Fortunately, I discovered that the program was going to be held in various places in New Delhi and without giving a second thought, I signed up for the same. Of course I haven’t yet met sadhguru but I completed the course under the guidance of a great teacher. Inner Engineering is a technology that can transform your life because it works without any discrimination. All it needs is action and the results will come forth.

The 7 days of intensive lectures and yogic practices will help you engineer your inner world and take back home an ancient kriya called “Shambhavi Mahamudra” which can alter your health, performance and elevate the experience of your existence. With the advent of technology we have been successful in creating and molding an outer reality of comfort, convenience and advancement but we aren’t any more happier or joyful. In fact, we are suffering our own up-gradations and seeking happiness in all the wrong places. This course is like a silent revolution of managing your own system, it has radical tools and tips that you can implement in your daily routines. I haven’t seen any magical transformation yet but what  I have witnessed from my own map of perceptions was a great uncovering of myself, piercing of beliefs that are not worthy of staying around and a backpack of resources with a sense of humor that will help me laugh at myself and the bullshit that drags me down.

Here are a few reasons I would recommend this course to anyone  – 

Discipline: The program has been designed in such a manner that you can either choose a session early in the morning or late in the night, after your work. But whatever you opt for, you need to make sure you commit to all 7 days and go through the process without any excuses. Folks at Isha Foundtaion take their words very seriously and they start and end the session exactly on time. I have always been a late comer but for some reason I managed to attend each and every session on time for these seven days and yes am proud. So, if you want to get on your toes and understand the value of your minutes on this planet, go ahead.

Health Benefits: “Shambhavi Mahamudra” is being practiced by millions of people these days and there are numerous studies and researches that shows how effective it is when it comes to health and well-being. People have reported their sleep patterns have gone down, they feel more rejuvenated and exuberant, medical issues have eliminated from their system, there is more balance, attention and focus when they work. And most importantly they feel alive! For me I feel a little more attentive and calm for now.

Meeting Like-minded people: I have made some amazing friends from my group. These people are positive, they understand you and they won’t judge your path. Whenever you participate in communities like these, you definitely encounter loving beings who are there to cheer for you and motivate you! They hold space for you and are happy to keep you on track.

Unconditional love: Isha foundation is run entirely on volunteering basis, these are the people who have experienced greatness or are just willing to put themselves out there for the needs of others. These volunteers made everything possible for the session to be conducted at ease and peace. They made everything available from pen, paper to water to good food which they cooked for us and didn’t even let us dump the platters. They ensured we were taken care of and were loved no matter what. It felt like I was a part of big big family.

Shedding the Identities & Accessing beyond: When you begin a spiritual path, you realize how you are keeping yourself small and how much capable you are. You shed the identities of your mind and tread on the immense potential you carry within yourself. Engaging in a practice like this will open up the gates of love, blissfulness, ecstasy and your desire to access higher dimensions.

You can check more details about Isha Foundation here or buy some of the books mentioned below –



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