By Ruchika Batra

5 Reasons Why You Secretly Hate Instagram & What To Do About It!

5 Reasons Why You Secretly Hate Instagram & What To Do About It!

I love Instagram, Okay? No, I hate it. I think I like it, Umm I guess am just not sure about it! If you have this sort of a complicated relationship status with this picture-taking, happiness sharing, creative cool app then you would definitely relate to this list. Instagram has more than 300 million users, can you believe that? I personally love instagram for the fact that it allows me to express myself and hold positive + fun space at the same time in this digital ether. I also believe that we must know how to use digital media so it doesn’t consume our lives instead of we consuming it. So, if you are on Instagram and you hate it, here are five possible reasons with a solution listed down for you and if you are not a user and don’t even wish to be one, then I will suggest.. have fun and check out other inspiring posts on the blog 🙂

1. Fashion Bloggers! Fashion Bloggers! Everywhere!

The moment you check that explore page, you feel like a lost fish in the drowning ocean of fashion bloggers swimming like mermaids these days. Everyone has the same bio that reads “Fashion Blogger” or “Fblogger” and you just can’t stand it, its like a new profession and  the new “cool” which you don’t understand at all. You follow stylish people for inspiration but you are so tired of seeing the same kind of images!

What To Do – Only follow fashion bloggers who have a sense of style and not just clothes, great pictures and a heavy bank balance!

2. Too Much Stress – Taking Pictures, Editing, Styling

Following through daily chores is anyway painful and if you want to be on Instagram, you have to have the expertise or good art of taking pictures and editing them. So, it makes you cringe because you want to exhibit the moments of your life in the most amazing manner in those square frames but you can’t and that makes you hate it.

What To Do – Display real pictures and enjoy being authentic or learn a few editing skills. Try easy apps like – Fotor, PicsArt or tell me in the comments below if you want me to do another post on editing pictures with a step-by-step guide!


3. Your Best Isn’t The Best

There is a sort of competition hidden behind every single image that you put out, a call for attention and approval because we are living in an economy that measures success with fame, likes and comments! You probably feel sad when your best image isn’t welcomed by thousand likes or hundred comments or is not received well at all compared to the rest of stuff you’ve shared.

What To Do – Can you stop trying to impress others? Dig deep and see why you want those likes, why do you even care? Life isn’t about showing others how awesome you are – its all about what you think about yourself and what you feed to your mind. Enhance the perception of your life for yourself and not for your followers/fans or friends. 


4. You know you are an Insta Addict

You probably hate Instagram because you are glued to it and you know it deep down, crystal clear in your psyche. You just cant stop scrolling through pretty pictures and stalking others while you make sick assumptions about their lives. The moment you wake up or go to sleep the last app you check is always Instagram and you just can’t get rid of this dependency and compulsive relationship with this technology. You click before you eat, you take out your phone every ten minutes to click a selfie and you totally act like a slave. An Aware Slave!

What To Do – SIGN OUT from the app on your phone and only log in once or twice to check notifications or share something. It’s hard but if you really want to stop craving and break the pattern, you have to do it. Try once – you’ll see for yourself how much time you will save!

5. You LIE

You lie about things you share! You betray yourself and the world around you by exaggerating or demonstrating and adding tons of filters to less fancy things. Somewhere, you don’t feel good about it but you are doing it anyway – guess, that’s called peer pressure! You want everyone to applaud you for those lengthy interesting names of the meals you’ve had or the brands you wear and places you visit and how fun it is to hang out with your friends and your cute awesome bae. There are days its all true and genuine but sometimes you know you LIE.

What To Do – Stop LYING, because happiness comes from being authentic and real. Do you remember your childhood days when you weren’t worried about what people would think or judge you for, you kept on following your spirit and you danced, played and had fun. You were the happiest because you weren’t trying to fit in or live up to any artificial labels, so stop that and operate from a pure joy, raw authentic state in your life.

Did you like this post? What do you think is the impact of Instagram on your happiness? Please leave your comments 🙂

P.S. Are we insta friends? Lets be the media of positive images & do the #NamasteHappiness together, you can find me here!

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