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5 Secrets Of Happy Families & Lasting Connections

5 Secrets Of Happy Families & Lasting Connections

A family is that bunch of folks who are always ready to accept you, embrace you and love you unconditionally. These are the relationships you can count on no matter where you are and who you become. Older or younger, you have the responsibility to do your best and contribute in creating long-lasting bonds for harmonious home environment. I come from a very simple & conservative family that hasn’t been much supportive of things. Struggling my way through I believe these are the most significant ingredients in the recipe of great connections and it needs deliberate efforts! Hope you like them 🙂

Be The Lighthouse

It means set an example of your relationship dynamics. If you are a brother, practice the values of a brother; if you are a sister, be a great sister and if you are a mother; be an awesome mother. In every single situation practice the best version of yourself instead of demanding and expecting from other members. Set certain boundaries and keep your individuality and self-respect alive.

Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one the most amazing tools to set yourself free from negative patterns in life. It releases you from itchy thoughts, blame game and a whole lot of unhappy and unpleasant emotions. If your sibling said something or your father didn’t bring you gifts or you feel unloved and abandoned by your family then start a forgiveness practice and seek their perspectives. We all do the best we can, try to forgive your near and dear ones for their smallest to biggest painful acts. Forgiveness is a great virtue and it needs courage, try to gather some for your own benefit!

Communication Is The Key

Talking to each other over family dinners, sharing your day-to-day happenings and expressing your love and gratitude for your family can do wonders. We often shut ourselves down when we feel that the other person won’t understand or we are being judged etc. but the truth is that communicating our real intentions and clearly expressing our views and perspectives can lead to better formation of a healthy family setting. Expressing gratitude in words is also one of the most important aspects for positive connections – send cards, bring flowers, hug your mother first thing in the morning and specifically use the three magical words “I Love You”.

Learn Your Lessons

Our family is our biggest assignment, there will be members who can trigger us in no time and put us in a bad mindset. We would be easily drown into the dramatics of life and screw our days. Remember that our family reflects the lessons we need most in our evolutionary process. If your brother is compulsive, then maybe somewhere you are being compulsive in your personal life or if your father is not acting on his responsibilities then somewhere you are shying away from taking responsibility too. So, look within before pointing your fingers out there and learn your lessons.

Have Fun

Go out for social gatherings, vacations, spending quality time can boost your connections and create happy memories. Join a club, get crafty, sneak out for walks and do some fun stuff with each other. Adding the element of fun enhances the attachment and recharge various love tanks of different aspects of living a fulfilled life.

Do share your valuable suggestions and comments below and tell me how do you create happy bonds?



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