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5 Things To Remember If You Are On A Personal Development Path

5 Things To Remember If You Are On A Personal Development Path

Personal development is a journey, a process of falling right on your face and then getting up to stroll gracefully. No matter what sort of aspect you are working on, be it your mind, body or soul; personal development can be a real tricky business and that’s the only reason not many fall into it. From hitting the yoga mat everyday to an intensive gym session, to taking up healing therapies and improving oneself to become a better person, this whole system comes with a lot of other issues.

It can make your light shine so bright that you may start operating from the ego’s perspective, it can overwhelm you to such a level that you may want to never pick a book again or attend a workshop. It may keep you all stuck and you might wonder what’s wrong, it may adorn you with rose colored glasses and you may find yourself ignoring the reality. And as you explore the strategies to live better, healthier or happier and get exposure to the concepts of self-love, healing, mind training etc. you may want to become the agent of change and forcefully alter other people’s perceptions. There are so many things that one needs to remember while on this journey because its not a one day, one book, one workshop transformation and not everyone is going to digest what you say. I wish I knew this before but working on yourself is a journey of a lifetime and a balance that you have to maintain with utmost grace, acceptance and flexibility. Here are some reminders that may help in sticking around –

People Are Still Going To Judge You

You have attended workshops and you know how to change your mind, you know the meaning of affirmations and you are on the purpose of your life but you know what, people are still going to judge you. One day if you bitch, gossip or abused someone, folks are going to come back and throw sentences like; What happened to you? You can’t abuse, you cant do this or you can’t do that because you are a changed person. They will never accept the process of evolution, they will never hold space for you. You have to make sure that you don’t start judging yourself in between. You will make mistakes till the last breath of your life, just keep growing and becoming a better “you” than who you were yesterday.

just keep growing and becoming a better “you” than who you were yesterday.

You Can Never Know Everything 

There are going to be moments of despair, you will face some situations you have no idea how to deal with but that doesn’t deny what you have learned so far. Just go with the flow and be humble. Keep your mind open to new perceptions always!


Focus On Having Fun 

You don’t have to be seriously serious about everything that happens in your life and if you are working on yourself consciously then you got to enjoy life even more. Focus on having fun and getting involved with every single moment!

Be An Example and Not A Preacher

If you want to inspire your loved ones or help your friends grab a few wisdom nuggets from you because you are too stoked by this whole exploration then try to become an example instead of a preacher. Don’t teach what you have learned, show them the results. Breathe your message.

Be Authentic & Keep Growing

Often, people on this path go into hallucination because they want to only look at the positive side and portray a certain image that revolves around the inspiring figure. But one must never forget that the world needs authenticity and not a fancy image. Embrace your journey but give your loved ones the chance to see who you are authentically. You don’t have to put a brave face all the time and if they judge you then its their problem, not yours. You must keep growing, learning, evolving while humbly being a student of life.

Improving oneself to reach the highest potential is a greatest gift that you can give to yourself. And if you have taken the responsibility of consciously choosing a life that works for you then you must become more sensible, easy and kind to yourself. You have chosen to live deliberately and elevate the experience of your reality, its not easy but its doe-able and if you have read this entire article, then I must pat your back and ensure you that you have come a real long way! Keep it up 🙂



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