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5 Tips To A Vital + Holisitic Lifestyle

5 Tips To A Vital + Holisitic Lifestyle

We were born holistic and perfect, we had everything green and natural around us but it is because of the immense technology and new aggressive ways of living our days that we have to constantly remind ourselves about the art of holistic being. The concept of a holistic lifestyle is a simple form of aligning your body, mind and spirit in a balanced way. It is about the well-being of the WHOLE of who you are and it concerns every subject and every area of your life, be it career, health, body, relationships or environment. It takes into account every choice that you make on a moment to moment basis. Leading a holistic lifestyle begins when you accept yourself, your past, your circumstances and willingly show up to improve and make better, positive, evolutionary choices from a conscious and aware state in the now. I have listed down five easy ways you can begin choosing your highest potential and authentic nature while juggling in a busy schedule.

Listen To Your Body & Your Gut –  Holistic lifestyle aims for you to take care of your body and health completely. It is not about denying illnesses or problems, it is about accepting the concerns your body has and giving it what it needs. Make sure you go for a regular check up yearly and make an effort to understand the requirements of your body with your Doctor. There are many medical practitioners out there that can assist and help you choose the best exercise, workout regime and guide you with active lifestyle choices. When we don’t listen to our gut and ignore the symptoms, we manifest a lot of unhealthy and unwanted diseases.

Be A Good Storyteller – We are all storytellers, we started telling our stories the day we went to school. From speaking “About myself” essays in front of a class to growing up and bragging about the labels and job profiles we are into, we have a story that we are always narrating. When you choose to live on a conscious level, make sure you are telling a positive and empowering story about yourself. Start from the story that would make you feel good and happy. Select positive words, statements and on a repeat mode be a good storyteller of your life.

Sleep Meditation – A general yoga and meditation practice will rock your life but if you cannot afford an hour of such magnificence, try incorporating sleep meditation every night as you hit your bed. Sleep is very essential for our bodies to restore, revive and reboot the energy patterns. It is even important for us to end the day on a soulful note so we can wake up all recharged and grateful. Try yog nidra or use your android phone for some amazing sleep meditation apps instead of scrolling down an instagram feed.

Food For Thought – A holistic lifestyle refers to healthy choices, healthy eating and and making sure about the nutritional  intake with mindfulness. Always choose high-vibe foods and fruits in your daily diet and eat with intention. Chew them properly and be grateful for your resources. Opt for juices instead of fizzy drinks, eat nuts in the place of crisps and drink more water than coffee/tea. Start small but keep on going!

Express Love – Express the beautiful emotion of love and joy to your partner, friends and family on a daily basis. Write letters, be kind and appreciate everyone for the smallest of things they do for you. You are a great sources of love and light, don’t limit it to your home, express it to your colleagues and bosses, of course not in a general romantic way but compliment them or smile at them daily. Express love to your body and practice movement, for your mind; read good books and for your soul; do what liberates you.

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