By Ruchika Batra

5 Tricks On How To Make Decisions You Won’t Regret?

5 Tricks On How To Make Decisions You Won’t Regret?

Have you ever made decisions you have regretted for years? The ones that always bothered and bounced back in the memory like some haunting thoughts and nightmares? I have had a plenty of them. Ever since my childhood I have never been a great decision maker, in fact I was always quickly influenced and hopped on from one thing to another in no time. But things changed on the personal development path and I encountered tools and tips that helped me put a little sanity in the process of making choices. Because we make decisions every moment so its imperative that we have a little more control over what we select, make ourselves at affect of and become responsible and accountable to. I hope this article serves you well and helps you decipher how to make decisions you won’t regret; small or big!

Physiology Check

Whatever we think, chemically exists and responds in our body. If we are happy, we produce happy peptides and are usually seen with vigor and energy. We move fast, smile wider and have a glow that reflects the joy and the essence of goodness we are feeling. If you are planning to quit your job, marry a person, change your career or beginning a new chapter of any sorts then definitely sit for a minute with yourself and think about it while you observe how your body reacts to it. If you feel an expansion in your heart, relaxed shoulders and a restful forehead then you are doing it all right. But if there’s any sort of contraction or tension in your body then you need to reconsider your options!

Constructive And Destructive Reference Points

We either make decisions which are constructive or destructive but we make them anyway and if by any chance we are stuck and not making any decision in any case then we will be putting ourselves into a situation of struggle and darkness. Whatever puzzle you have in front of you, try to sort it from a constructive angle and see how it may unravel itself in your life. Look for what could go wrong and how much control do you have over the circumstances. Have the worst case scenario planned!

Ask For Signs

This may sound a little silly but if you believe in the higher power and you have full faith in the creator then meditate on the major decision you are about to make and ask for signs. You can ask for a single sign, like a symbol or a number and request for guidance. You need to make sure that you are doing it with utter surrender and trust and not with an intention of testing the universe.

Talk Less About It

It’s a default behavior that whenever we are making any shift of sorts we love to talk and discuss with our peers, we crave to seek advice which we eventually never follow. We gather so many opinions and perspectives that our mental cloud goes in a lot more chaos and stress, making the whole thing difficult. Whenever you are making any life-changing decision, make sure you limit the information you take in and you talk less about it. Another point is that whenever we ask people to suggest us, we give the control of our lives in their hands and that’s a real bad place to be in as you don’t want to end up disrespecting or blaming them.

Be Your Own Phone-a-friend

As mentioned in the above point that you must avoid talking and exaggerating the situation with your friends so now you are left with your own self. Whenever we choose anything, there are a  lot of aspects we need to consider but we forget them as our emotions come in the way to play tug-o-war. Pretend that you are advising a friend, look at the bigger picture from your observing perspective and witness things differently. It needs a little mental exercise but if you can work around it, you will be able to see your limited thinking behavior driven by the multitude of emotions, feelings and beliefs. And don’t forget to question your assumptions!

The definition and magnitude of  decisions may differ from person to person and these tricks may not be useful in all the cases but we hope that this may help in bringing some clarity and confidence in the choices you make because where there is willpower, belief and confidence; everything can be taken care of! Make decisions that empower your life and not suppress it 🙂



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