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5 Ways To Deal With Negative People

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Negativity is a human black hole that sucks you entirely and gulps you down to an extent that you become the black hole yourself. How to deal with negative people takes deliberate action because the more you spend your time with negative people, the quicker you become like them. We all have some form of negativity in our lives for sure unless we are living on Himalayas. In this day and age negativity can come through a job environment, family relations, friends or even loved ones. We can definitely avoid some folks and shut down the door on them for life but what about people who are near and dear to you? When they start emitting such intoxicating energies, our first response is to help them. But there is no assurance it will lead to something good or will change them into a positive beam of light. When results don’t show up, we are disappointed like hell hence we are only left with the question of how to deal with them quickly and efficiently. Here are five very interesting ways you can deal with negative people around you without any guilt.

  1. Join The Drama – You heard it right! Join the drama they are putting up. When negative people start complaining, blaming or talking nonsense make a point to reassure them the same. This one advice came to me a long time back and I can swear it works wonders! Once you start complaining with negative people, they become conscious and change the topic themselves. They want to feel like a victim but once someone else is buying their point, their game is over! Try it and see it for yourself.
  2. Don’t Take Their Behavior Personally – Their default state is to curse, put the blame on someone or make others feel they are doing nothing to help them. Don’t take all those words, statements and thoughts onto yourself. Its the way they vent out and change their energy. You can only help people who are ready to help themselves. So, before you start your own guilt trip, remember their negativity has got nothing to do with you, please!
  3. Bless Them – Whenever you encounter negative people, bless them in your heart and mind. Listen to them in a detached manner and keep repeating; “God bless you, May you find peace, May you get what you want”. Never convey this to them, it might not feel good. If you have a loved one turning negative, just pray for them. If you don’t believe in god or praying then may be you can try setting up intentions or taking them for a good ride.
  4. Protect Your Light – We all are energy beings with auras! We feel exhausted or weak when we have taken up someone else’s vibration. Ever felt that you walk into a room of positive energy and it stays with you long enough after you have left the place. It happens when we visit temples, religious places and shrines, we feel at ease and peace long after paying a visit to any sacred place. The same goes for negative energy, if we spend time in a negative environment we will always be frowning, blaming, irritated and pissed off. So, put up your light protector to deal with negative people. Once you meet someone who is of that sorts or is potentially going to drown you in his/her energy please imagine yourself covered in a white light shield. It will keep you in a bubble and protect your energy to leak out!
  5. Be Mindful Of Your Time With Them – Spend as less time as possible or meet up in groups. Don’t take up on their negativity alone.

Which one are you going to implement in your life, tell us in the comments below? 





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