By Ruchika Batra

5 Ways to love yourself when life seems to be hard

5 Ways to love yourself when life seems to be hard

how to love yourself when life seems to be hard

Everyone talks about self-love. It is the only happy ingredient of a great and wonderful life. All the self-help books in the market are becoming best-sellers for only one reason that they can help you guide on how to accept and love yourself. But what if  when life seems so hard? when nothing goes our way and when all we want to do is end this pain and step beyond the zone of taking the right action? What do you do when nothing outside works but still you have the willingness to love yourself. Below are some of the tools that can ease your journey and assist you in facilitating the change you wish to take for yourself in those hard times.

1. Don’t be sorry – Don’t be sorry for yourself. If you become the victim and start pitying yourself you don’t need to read any further. The first major change that you need to take is to say it to yourself “I am not sorry for myself”. You need to gather yourself and hold life by its reins and breathe deeply. You need stop telling your friends and family that you are going through rough times. Start owning the responsibility of turning the tables.

2. Refocus – Yes, you are going through really shitty days and the time just doesn’t cease to change but you are required to refocus. I am sure there can be one thing which can make you feel a little bit grateful like you have access to internet and you can read this post or your home, a loved one? Anything that changes the lens of viewing your life will be your magic trick. Start small on refocusing, there is no need to lie to yourself.

3. Exercise or YogaMove move move. I cant emphasize on this one more. When life seems to be stuck and stagnant you need to move your body. Dont get caught in your bed and indulge in binge eating. It will be totally a pain to control your emotional tsunami and really get out of the house and join a gym or yoga class but do it. And guess what? It will be totally worth it.

4. Write – There is some power in expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper. There is even some science that works behind the curtains and changes hormones and cell formation in the body once you start writing down your world. If life seems to be hard, grab a pen and write a letter to the council o the universe. Complain, whine, throw it out.

5. Start natural self-careDon’t feel like going out in salons and wasting money on pampering yourself? Then you must definitely try the natural recipes, the organic tips, the home-made process of relishing the self. You can find a few tips on this blog or otherwise start by drinking tons of water and applying tomatoes on face, showering with milk/curd and reading with scented candles.

Tell us which one will you try first?



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