By Ruchika Batra

6 Rules To Stay Happy And Healthy At Work

6 Rules To Stay Happy And Healthy At Work

Find Meaning

Having a sense of meaning and happiness are two different components but can go hand in hand when it comes to getting that feeling of doing good work. When you are working in a job that makes you feel empty, direction less or unhappy in any way, try and dig out a sense of meaning. No matter what you do, where you are, whatever big corporate giant you are associated with or small start-up you are working for, there is always something good you are doing. You might be helping people with services, offers, customer care, some technology, entertainment or maybe you are working to support your family or a cause. Explore that meaning and remind yourself of that mission everyday.

Dress Awesome 

Clothes make you feel good and can make other people think you’re smarter. It does not imply that you have to show up formally everyday but what you project even when you adorn casual attires can leave a lot of perceptual trails. We always wear a certain image and if it looks and feel awesome, we behave in a positive manner! Women have a lot of options when it comes to choosing that right skirt or dress with different styles but men in this case lack variety, here are a few amazing formal wear options available for Men.

Eat Healthy & Stay Hydrated

When you spend all your day at office, it becomes imperative to accompany your hours with healthy food and snacks instead of junk. Replace your fast food menu with yogurts, fruits, nuts, home cooked vegetables and salads.  Drinking water is very essential for keeping your energy levels high, having clarity in your thoughts, being creative and getting rid of fatigue or boredom. To stay happy and healthy at work it is important that you take meals throughout the day and indulge in activities that enhance your health and that may even point towards reducing caffeine intake.

Know Your Limitations

When you commit to do extra things and go extra mile to please your boss, you actually aren’t doing any good to yourself and the organization you are working with. When you take more than you can handle, you create chaos and havoc and a lot of irritability. You try and multitask but lose integrity and then the ghost of deadlines stalk you till your home. Know your limitations and learn to say no while putting your best foot forward with delegating work and engaging in team support. Take on new roles with flexibility and enjoy risks with creative fun.

Practice The Art Of Appreciation

Smile at everyone and be thankful for what you do and for the people you have around. Be friendly with your co-workers and appreciate their contribution in the company instead of getting jealous by their profile and position. To create an atmosphere of happiness and positive vibes, it is very important to be grateful for everything and that includes your arrogant boss too.

Breathe In Your Nest

Keep your desk organized and clean. Make it your personal space and decorate it the way you feel like. Having your essence of personality being reflected at where you work makes it easier for you to adjust and can increase your productivity and willingness to take more initiatives. Always have a breathing technique handy to add mindfulness at your work space. Practice long deep breaths when you feel anxious or out of energy. Try these unusual meditations to start with.


Have fun, be good, eat healthy, know how much can you contribute and why you are doing it to drive yourself passionately at work. Wear your best self with great clothes and a big smile with a heart full of appreciation and happy intentions.




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