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6 Signs You Need To Surrender To The Source

6 Signs You Need To Surrender To The Source

I will start by stating the truth that, Surrender is not an act of weakness. It is not an excuse neither it is an escape route for the failures and losers. Surrendering is a process of attaining greater power to face life. It is more of a mindset and attitude. The meaning of the word surrender is to literally “Get detached” and not give up. Giving up is what leads to inaction but surrendering leads to trust and allowing while making an effort on the go. Surrendering means that you are doing your bit with a detached outlook on life and with a belief that whatever may come as a result will be accepted gracefully and embraced rightly.

Who do you surrender to?

We all have our own symbols and signs, gods, deities and religious figures that we can always go and surrender. There is no right and wrong on who you should surrender to. The only matter of concern is to trust the power of the source and believe in the co-creation of the future that lies ahead. You must allow the greater source to work for you and your life.

Signs that you need to Surrender 

1. You are resisting – The more we try to fight against our world, the more we are caught up in the anxiety and struggle. And no matter what we do that which we resist will always persist. Resistance stops us from moving forward, we are so determined to want something that we fail to understand that we are trapped in the emotional pain of gaining it badly and we are unaware of the pushy behavior we have in life.

2. You feel like a failure – You have no trust and faith in your own abilities and skills. You feel like you have not achieved anything significant in life. Whenever we go through such a stage where we judge ourselves so hard and beat ourselves down we need to stop and surrender instead. We must look at our life from the point of view of the source/God we would like to surrender to. Sometimes when you don’t gain materialistic success, you are likely to achieve spiritual success. May be the failure you think you are is not really a failed attempt in the eyes of God.

3. Time doesn’t move & You know you are Unhappy – Do you feel that time is stagnant and all your actions are going in vain and nothing seems to be working? You feel an uneasiness in your body and a strangling of sorts that you cannot comprehend in words.  You don’t feel free and there is an obstacle in the flow. That is the moment you need to surrender and soothe your inner being. 

4. You are trying to control – Controlling others and controlling situations is the default human activity that brings us no good. We love to become the manager of the universe and order the world to work for us the way we like it. We think everyone around is our slave and we are privileged to have everything on the platter by demanding, manipulating and controlling.

5. You are expecting too much  – We need to surrender our desires, results and outcomes in the hands of God for the reason that surrendering is clearly an act of detaching yourself from the way life takes place. As we expect the choreography of life a certain style, we create more stress once the dance of a different genre is showcased. Expectation hangovers doesn’t leave their trace easily, they stay intact with regrets and too much negative emotions for a longer period.

6. When everyone is criticizing you – The moment you answer that call you have a friend criticizing your way of life. Your boss doesn’t seem to be happy with what you are doing on the desk and your family seems to be distant, un-supportive and unavailable. Those are the days you need to take nothing seriously and surrender to the source for help and guidance.

Surrendering is not a one day job, it is an ongoing process. It is a seeking of connection and union with our own intuition, soul and the happiness that lies within. It is an affair with our joy and an allowing of the power to do for us what we cant do for ourselves.

How would you choose to surrender? 

Prayer, writing, any other religious ritual? Please share your views! 


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