By Ruchika Batra

6 Truths To Remember When You Feel Lost And Alone

6 Truths To Remember When You Feel Lost And Alone

No matter how fancy the world may look out there but nothing changes the fact that we all have those days when we feel isolated, unloved and unacceptable. Those are the moments when you feel lost and alone, when the whole giant world is on one side and we are standing alone on our two feet gazing at the emptiness of life. It is quite normal to have those vulnerable, breaking down moments and it is shattering yet profound at the same time. You may want to put an end to everything when you feel lost and alone but when you dive in your heart you know that it is not the solution. You are very well aware that you can come over it, you can change the cause and effect of this dark reality you are going through. You believe somewhere in the hollowness of your situation there is some substance that can bring you back and can help you relive. Remember these six beautiful truths when you feel lost and alone so you can help yourself redirect on a positive path that may lead to the resolution of your trouble.

1. You are not alone in this – As stated earlier we all have those days of failure, surrender and hopeless moments. It is very easy to buy in the package of victimization and make ourselves feel special that its just me who is going through the shit of life. Its just me who is alone and lost and troubled but the truth never changes, take anyone for example and you may realize that we all go through it. So, when you have those days remind yourself that there is someone else going through the same exact emotions as you are. You don’t have to go and talk to them, you might not even know them but you just have to bear in your mind that you aren’t alone in this.

2. It’s not the end of the story – Sure, you feel unhappy and depressed. There isn’t a ray of hope but are you even looking out for one? You might believe that it is the end, BOOM! but it isn’t. Don’t mistake the end of the chapter to be the end of your beautiful story. I say beautiful because God has something for you and you cannot let the negativity of one chapter devastate you for the rest of your life.

3. You have to be a little lost to find what you are looking for – We all suffer, we all have to be a little lost to jump on the right track of our true purpose. When you feel lost and alone, consider it as an opportunity of making the most of your life. It is that time of making new choices, updating decisions and choosing a better perspective and new patterns. It is the dawn of a new chapter!

4. Solitude is good– Alone and loneliness are two different words with a great deal of difference in their meanings. And you have to enjoy your loneliness so you can be alone with yourself without any shame.  Sometimes we need this time to just hear our own voice and sit in silence to accept our life the way it is. We get busy with so much of stuff out there so when you feel lost and alone, sit and listen to the intuitive voice of your guidance system and let it come forth with the answers of your unexpressed questions. It wants to be heard that is why this is the only way it can call upon you.

5. You are not who you used to be and that’s perfectly okay! – We resist and deny the changes in our life very often only to feel stuck and lost in this vast universe. Agree or dis-agree we take a lot of time to accept ourselves. We feel comfortable in the story we have been telling ourselves from years so when it gets a little shaken up and down, we go to our caves and fight with our own being. Come to the solution of accepting yourself, even if you have not changed for good.

6. Blaming won’t help– The despair makes us all negative, loathing and blaming. Pointing fingers at someone else is the way of giving away your own power. Your life is yours to live and blaming others for your situation is like resigning from the position of the CEO of your own company. Don’t do that, change will happen when you take charge of the moment. Go step by step, inch by inch and allow yourself to be a little laid back yet active in the process of coming out of the loneliness you feel.

“It is okay to go through the crashing down of your life but always have the willingness to rise up and it will light up your path”



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