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7 Healthy Stops At Select CITYWALK

7 Healthy Stops At Select CITYWALK

The most fun-loving, beautiful and amazing destination for great shopping and awesome food in South Delhi is Select CITYWALK. It is your go-to place for hanging out with friends, having a day out with family or just for being on your own. You must have visited this hub many a times but on the blog today come and uncover with me some great healthy stops to make your day fulfilling and relishing for the next visit. Because who said health can’t be happening!

1. Munching Stop : Pita Pit 

A Canadian quick service chain that was recently launched in India offers you amazing healthy options to make your day awesome. Pita Pit is known for it’s made to order customized pita sandwiches and salads (Fork Style). You can choose from an extensive range of fresh vegetables, grilled meats, premium spreads and cheeses, along with zesty sauces – all rolled into a unique and convenient package. I have personally experienced their services and have reviewed it before on the blog and I can swear by the fact that they have some great sandwiches and delicious desserts for your taste buds.

If you want to grab something wholesome, fulfilling and Indian on the go while strolling as you shop – Check out Pita Pit in the My Square food court.

2. Quick Bites Stop: Lean Chef

As the quirky name suggests, Lean chef is all about eating good and feeling fit. It is your place for a low calorie fix and some very intriguing food offerings that will love you back. They have for you some heavenly smoothies, lip-smacking burgers, pizza’s and sandwiches with healthy angles and calorie count on the menu so you can choose your pick!

3. Juicing Stop: Hurom


We all know that fruits and vegetables make our bodies healthier and stronger but our daily intake of cooked vegetables and less fruits can never balance our nutritional quotient. Though, eating fruits is the best way but when you drink a glass of juice, it contains more portion and elements. Hurom is a slow technology of juice processing that helps in keeping the enzymes, nutritional substances right in their place.  So, what you get in your hands is a fresh, refreshing glass full of natural supplements.

On the ground floor of Select CITYWALK, Hurom is a great place for quenching your thirst and adding some natural zest in your body.

P.S. You can even buy their juicers, will make a perfect intentional gift for your loved ones!

4. Luncheon Stop: Saatvik

Earthly tranquil interiors and soothing strains of instrumental  music; Sattvik at Select CITYWALK is a fine dining  vegetarian restaurant set apart by relaxing ambiance and delectable cuisine. The restaurant embodies the sattvik spirit based on holistic oneness with the elements of the universe. Pure and wholesome, sattvik cuisine gives life, energy and balance. In an epicure’s menu, the chef offers innovative recipes and authentic dishes from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Bangalore prepared with the ‘Sattvik’ touch .

Saatvik will remind you of your culture, divine essence, purity and joy of food indulgence in a healthy way. Visit them with your family and friends for that perfect lunch goodness. Derived from the sanskrit word “Satva”, Sattvik is all about purity and this place offers you the same serenity and peaceful ambiance.

5. Drooling Stop: Drool – Freshly Baked Healthy Waffles


I couldn’t believe waffles can be healthy too, so when I stopped by this little cart on the second floor in My Square, I was more than surprised to unveil that this is something all kids would adore and adults would enjoy too. Made with malted barley, these waffles are freshly cooked for you with natural and Non-GMO ingredients that will captivate your senses in an instant. 100% vegetarian drooling waffles are low on sugar and carry only 2.3 grams of butter on each plate. High in fiber, the menu at “Drool”assures you guilt free sin and some exquisite experience.

6. Energy Pumping Stop: Refuel

The perfect stop for refueling that energy and regaining a sense of calm and refreshment is “Refuel”. A name reckoned with healthy food that is ‘Quick to pick and fresh to boot’, Refuel follows the concept of following a healthy diet. Refuel offers you a comprehensive range of nutritious beverages with great  snacks like subs, sandwiches, salads and wraps created by experienced nutritionists, dieticians and culinary experts.

7.  Dessert Stop: Red Mango

Sweetness can come in many flavors and one of them is in the form of a healthy frozen yogurt cup. Red Mango is your popular and fast growing retailer of all natural non-fat frozen yogurt. For the today’s youth who wants to look and feel good as they make some cool choices, Red Mango can top the list with their offerings of nutritionally packed, irresistibly delicious, refreshingly fruity yogurts.

Check them out to turn up your senses and feel fresh!

Hope this list inspires you to take some practical steps and opt for some goodness of health and nature for next time 🙂 




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