By Ruchika Batra

7 Reasons Why It’s Okay To NOT Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

7 Reasons Why It’s Okay To NOT Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of the year again! You will be bombarded with love messages, you will see people spreading their good vibes with romantic pictures, whole lot of preparations and you will find pink greeting cards, symbols of love, roses and heart shaped balloons calling you with their sincere emotion while coercing you to dismiss your individual choices in this societal pressure of proving your love for your partner. It’s VALENTINE’s day around the corner my friends and as much as I appreciate the fact that it’s a reminder to celebrate love; I loathe how annoying it gets with all the other factors.

If you love celebrating this BIG day of the year, please stop reading and carry on with your life. I am not against the day, I am just against the norms attached to it. I am just sharing and reassuring peeps like me that IT’S OKAY to NOT participate in this massive facade of marketing gigs because strong couples don’t need it.

Spontaneous Affection is more fun

Randomly throwing a big hug with a gift or a hand-made greeting card is more interesting than just following the rules of how to celebrate the valentine’s day. It’s better to cherish the moments of pure joy showed with true feelings than doing it out of fear of judgement or peer pressure of this calendar date.

Love can’t be forced

Valentine’s day is literally a day which forces people/couples to exhibit their love in order to evaluate their status, their emotion for each other and puts a lot of limelight to the materialistic possessions. But we forget that love is not about what you gift to each other, it’s about how much you accept, appreciate and embrace each other. It goes way beyond and you really can’t force an individual to pour love on one single day year by year!

It’s stressful

Valentine’s day is just so painful. There is so much going on all around, there are tons of options available in the market and people go crazy thinking of what to buy, what not to buy. It’s an unfair pressure which is not required at all when we have a lot of other substantial things to worry about!

It’s fun to rebel against the society

Rebelling against this superficial day is kinda cool too, no?

Valentine’s Day is good for businesses but not for relationships!

Let’s get this straight, nobody wants a box full of chocolates or expensive roses. Valentine’s day is a marketing gimmick done right. Big brands have been doing this from decades and now it’s time to STOP buying everything advertisers are selling. Valentine’s day won’t make your relationship better in any form or shape. Your time, your love, your understanding for each other would do that. Please value the true things in life!

It’s the age of self love!

Self-love is the way to go! We are the generation of seekers and wanderers, we believe that you can only give others what you have for yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else. We are all about body positivity, deeper connection, true conversations and we won’t fall for such ridiculous days anymore!

Women don’t want Valentine’s Day, they only want true companionship 

I know folks out there argue that women want all this drama as they are considered to be hopeless romantic creatures. But the truth is that females today don’t want anything at all, they are sufficient, independent and self made. They only want companionship, support and understanding from their partners.

Celebrate days without any compulsion, do it with your authentic feelings. It should not matter to you what date is on the calendar, celebrate days and moments that mean something to you. Gift things that could help the other person to be a better person, do it with your heart filled with purpose! 



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