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7 Tips To Beat The Monday Blues

7 Tips To Beat The Monday Blues

get rid of monday blues

Dreading Monday already?

It seems like we all have this fearful monster waiting for us to leave our houses and meet its ugly face. It is not so pleasantly called Monday Blues! We hate it and we certainly love to scream how it ruins our face making us frown, grumpy and awful. We usually don’t do much to turn the day around because we get carried away.  We agree with the fact that nothing major will change. Now the weekend is over and you have this dark cloud of Monday blues hovering over you, wanna make a difference this week? Do you wish to try something new? Do you deliberately want to create a different set of rules this time? Check these effective compilation of tips to get going –

1. Dress to Kill  – Keep your best dress, suit or attire aside for this Monday. Wear something that is loud yet classy and of course very  very comfortable. You don’t want to spoil your day yourself by wearing something that is a bit gloomy in color or uncomfortable. Do not put on anything  new before you have tried it once.  Make sure you choose all the accessories that you would like to accompany with your brilliant piece and keep it simple. And did I say, please don’t forget to smile 🙂

2.  Pump Up Some Music – Music is a healer of the soul and is a mechanism of creating happy cells in our bodies. As you get ready for this big day, add some music in the background. The way you start your day will define how your day will continue, if you jazz yourself a bit with a peppy playlist you are on the right track. Turn yourself into a bathroom singer and really enjoy the beats, pump up some real energy.

3. Don’t Skip Your Breakfast – I am not going to say that breakfast is the most important meal and you should not skip it rather I am going to give you a phenomenon. You start your day in a hurry and reach your workplace with no food or nutrients in your tummy, you have this scary pile of shit list that you have to finish and you are screwed because you are so much in stress. You can’t think of anything else other than prioritizing your work, you eat late, you live on coffee and you are just giving up on these Monday blues. Now, if you would eat that breakfast your brain would function properly and even if you have to eat your lunch a little late its no big deal. You will be able to cover it all.

4. Set Intention/ Pray – Set intention before you go to bed. Take a little diary or use your android for this activity. If you believe in affirmations, set some for yourself. You know something like; “I am ready for this week”, “Mondays are cool”, “Tomorrow is going to be a good day” and do not forget to set intention for your alarm clock. And yes pray for your day, ask the Universe to walk with you as go about this Monday!

5. Treat Yourself – After your work day at work go to that Starbucks around the corner and grab your favorite cup of coffee, choose to treat yourself even if the day doesn’t go according to your wishlist. Better if you grab lunch outside or have some me time as you work on your hectic schedule. A little breathing exercise, a cute mug of green tea? You know it all works!

6. Know How Would The Day End –  If you have a fair idea of how things will end the process of going through them gets a little smooth. If you know how you want your Monday to pass out you will have a simple and productive day. Set small goals and have everything in place. Be easy on yourself yet have a grip on the final output.

7. Take Small Breaks – Don’t get glued to your cubicle, walk around, reconnect with colleagues, start a chat or talk on phone. Don’t make it look like a big busy day (I know it is) because a breath of fresh air will change your mood and movement is very necessary for the elevation in your energy. So, bring it on, change your aura, give yourself some good vibes with your favorite activity in those tiny breaks.

Tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite tool?


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