7 Tips For A Happy, Healthy & Harmonious Diwali!!

Written by Ruchika

Lots of sweets, family gatherings, beautiful markets, lit up houses, traditional values and truck loads of happiness is what Diwali is all about. We love, laugh, pray and rejoice during this most awaited time of the year. The vibe of this festival is such that we begin our preparations way before the big day and celebrate it with utmost love and indulgence. It is one of India’s favorite festivals and holds the essence of our culture with warmth and greatness. Let’s look at some tips on how we can make it even more special, happier and healthier this time –

Remove The Negativity

As you eliminate the dirt and darkness from the house, light it up with colors and organize it with proper care; get rid of all the negativity that may surround you or your relationships and family ties. Forgive the ones who have hurt you and start afresh. Forgiveness is always about setting ourselves free and never about someone else. This festival very well exemplifies the idea of burning our demons; so drop your regrets and move past your hurts with as much grace and respect as you can.

Make It All About Togetherness

Diwali is about reliving the traditions, getting together and enjoying the festival of lights in harmony. Make an effort to reach out to not just your family and friends but to the ones who you haven’t spoken to in years or met in decades.  I recently came across a very heart-touching video about brotherhood and bonds by Sony Liv that made me smile real big. The video is called Live This Diwali, do watch it for your dose of special siblings love and beautiful old memories 🙂 You can even send personalized greetings and wishes to your near and dear ones & share it on social media. here.

Say Hello To Healthy Snacks & Desserts

There are going to be a lot of temptations and you will be swayed by the sugar coated options but try and break the stereotype and go for the healthy snacks with a lot of fruits and nuts in your meals. Avoid oily foods and opt for the baked, boiled or roasted choices available in the market. You can also try gluten free desserts which are delicious and nutritious at the same time. Here are some of my recommendations – I Say Organic, Snackibles, Nutty Gritties and Fudfill.

Get High On Gratitude

Gratitude is a great medicine. It helps us stay present and count our blessings. It reminds us of all what we have. There are millions of people dreaming and desiring for what you already own so do make a point to be grateful and appreciate everything about your life.

Go Eco-friendly

We all know how hazardous firecrackers are, minimize their use if you cannot completely discard them. Our city has been tagged as the most polluted city in the world by WHO and is still suffocating under the pressures of increased emissions and pollutants. Let’s not make the festival of lights become the festival of suffering for those ailing with Asthma and let’s keep it kind for the animals.

Meaningful Gifts

Celebration is incomplete without gifts, punch in a little meaning this time. Send Diwali greetings, create collages, help someone with charity, donate your gadgets, buy inspiring books for friends or just go ahead and give everyone a hug and let them know they mean something to you.

Be The Light

We love decorating our homes with intricate lamps and a line of candles but we must also consciously choose to become the light that shines so bright that it empowers and enables others to do so as well. Wherever in life you are, allow yourself to be of service, to become a beam of compassion, kindness and purpose. That will be a true celebration of your humanness and potential! Small or big, contribute to the world the way you can and elevate yourself in the experience. 

Have a Happy Diwali!



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