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7 Ways to re-invent your relationship according to a wellness expert!

7 Ways to re-invent your relationship according to a wellness expert!

Change is one of the biggest force and is inevitable. The only thing that’s constant is change. Everything changes and so does humans. It’s innate human nature to change and adapt constantly. With passing time people grow apart. It’s the same with many couples. The qualities for which they fell for each other become obscure or change. They don’t seem interesting as they did in the starting. People get bored easily with repetitive busy life and consequently they lose their interest in their partners. So it becomes necessary to reinvent your relationship continuously. Doing things a little differently helps you maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

Here are seven significant tips which you can use to break the ice the next time you have a fight, or you think your relationship is going topsy-turvy – 

#1 Practice Forgiveness

Most important thing is to let go of the things that have caused trouble in the past. Holding onto things that cause you trouble causes you more trouble, and you cannot move forward. Start afresh, give yourself and your partner some respite. Remember why you got into the relationship in the first place.

#2 Negotiate with each other.

There shouldn’t be a communication gap between two partners. Understanding each other and their respective actions is the key to a happy relationship. Have more conversations. Listen to each other.

#3 Common Goals

You both should have a shared vision.Or at least respect each others ideas and personality. Voice your problems clearly, don’t hesitate. Share all the little experiences. These cost nothing but are a bundle of happiness.

#4 Nurture yourself.

Bring some positive change in your own attitude too. Be cheerful. To be in a healthy relationship you need yourself to be good. Present your best version of yourself to your partner. This will inspire them to work towards the same.

#5 Quality Time

Spend some more time together. Go out for lunch/dinner together once in a while. Share a morning/evening walk. Watch movies, go to concert together. Create your fantasy vacation. Be unusual, surprises are often good for making some beautiful memories with your partner. Make the normal days extra special. Do go for that extra mile. Exchange gifts. Do visit that memory lane, remember the sweet little things you used to do together, relive them. It’s the path to a happy relationship.

#6 Personal Space

Give your partner some space, they too require some personal space of their own. In a healthy relation, people do not depend on each other for everything. Personal space must be given to the partner for them to prosper fully. After all they too have their hobbies.

#7 Emotional and Physical Support

Be an emotional support to your partner. Encourage them for their decisions and appreciate their achievements. Physical intimacy helps you strengthen your relationship, spend more time together in bed. Sexual intimacy brings you more closer to each other, you get to know your partner better.

Do rediscover that old spark which brought you closer for the first time. If you have any more suggestions, then please share it in the comments below!

[Image:Bhawna Monga, Relationship Wellness Expert]

Contributed by Mrs. Bhawna Monga – Bhawna holds a degree of MBA in HR, a Masters in Sociology, a Diploma in Education planning and management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological counselling. She works in the domain of Emotional Wellness and has touched many lives by now. She believes that realization of existence of issues in relationships is not just the first step, but it automatically facilitates the resolving process. Her book “World Full of Needles” is an attempt to make people realize the needles in their own relationships and how they can get rid of them and smoothen out their lives!




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