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7 Ways To Simplify Your Life

7 Ways To Simplify Your Life

When was the last time you said you were busy?

When was the last time you ignored a call, dismissed a whatsapp notification because of your pile up work, missed on an email and found yourself juggling with anxious muti-tasking routine?

An hour back? A day back? Just now?

It’s time to SIMPLIFY!

Because simply and honestly simplicity rocks..I am sure you must have heard it zillion times that keep things simple and life will be good, but how to do so doesn’t come handy to us. Simplicity helps us to eliminate everything unwanted, everything that keeps us stuck in chaos and constant stress. Simplicity is the most beautiful way to live a life of greater joy, happiness and balance. It is the most amazing way of achieving success with whatever you do.

We usually relate simplicity with the concept having less but here is the sweet truth – it is not about less, it is about  MORE..more time, more happiness, more joy, more reflection, more fulfillment, more being and more of what really really matters. With so much going around…..[ctt title=”Simplicity is your only free therapy” tweet=”Simplicity is your only free therapy –” coverup=”Z8bIQ”] and listed below are few ways to simplify your life from now get your work done on time and have real moments to enjoy life. The only thing you must remember is that simplifying is an everyday process and not a one time job, so be easy and allow simplicity to create miracles for you –

  • Less Possessions, More Space – The first and foremost important thing is to sit with yourself and evaluate what’s important to you, what you need in terms of your material possession and assets lying around. Don’t give up on everything and be a saint but have a life where you have inner and outer space. Whenever you walk into your room you should see the creative, happy space inviting you and not the ipad, iphone, kindle, tv, ipod, andriod and all that technology buzzing on your head. Only have things around that are adding value to you instead of keeping you in the battle of updates.
  • Less Negative Thoughts, More Freedom – To improve the quality of your life to a great extent we must simplify and release all the negative emotions such as hate, anger, resentment, regret and past hurt. These emotional dramas keep us in a loop of stress and disharmony so release and forgive today. Someone rightly said -[ctt title=”Accept the apology you never got and free yourself” tweet=” “Accept the apology you never got and free yourself” –” coverup=”RW8H9″] Forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for YOU. It is for your well-being and for you to move forward with ease and love.
  • Less Words, More Silence – I know you have to put yourself out there for people to understand you correctly, to communicate effectively and be on the top of life’s game. But we usually indulge in a lot of nonsense talks, gossips and matters that shouldn’t be taking our energy and our precious words. Keep yourself silent in times when you know it won’t be mindful, don’t get involved in ego debates or pity parties, complain less and use more loving thoughts and words.
  • Less Screen Time, More Peace – Watching media, having your eyes stuck to a video game, phone, laptop influences not only your health but your mind. Media dominates our lives, rearranges our values in ways we can’t even recognize and leaves impressions while forming certain beliefs. Try switching off that TV while eating, may be play less with your phone before sleeping and grab a book instead of your headphones while travelling.
  • Less Goals, More Focus – Instead of having million goals to achieve success, have one or two and work on those with full attention and focus. Don’t try to multi-task everything and throw yourself in the complex zone of striving hard. Be easy and work for exactly what you want. Give success a definition of your own.
  • Less Time Commitments, More Life – Prioritize and plan to have some free time for yourself and your loved ones. Live one day at a time and know what you want to accomplish for the day and then go do it. Don’t put so much on your shoulders that you aren’t able to even stand confidently. Spend time walking around in gardens, express love, give kindness and share life in the most enriching ways possible and detach a little bit from all the noise.
  • Less Wardrobe, More Clarity – Do you always say I don’t have anything to wear but find yourself unable to close your stuffed wardrobe? It’s a sign you need to declutter and reorganize that shit. Get rid of everything you don’t wear and add classic pieces, simple styles and solid colors. Every time I de-clutter I gain a sense of power and clarity over life and I am actually going to do it again this summer, be around my instagram life for more updates. 🙂

Take-Away –  Hope you enjoyed this post on ways to simplify your life. Simplicity like any other habit will take efforts and momentum because it is very easy and comforting to live a life of constant distractions and consumption but to change it into a life of peace and mindfulness we have to consciously take steps. It always come down to the choices we make. So, start small and choose that one key area that needs simplification today and do it with all your presence. Make lists, indulge, write and see how can you enjoy this whole process. Have loads of fun, laugh at yourself for keeping your mind so much occupied and own the happy approach of minimalism. For me I am going to simplify my wardrobe and negative thoughts 🙂 What would you choose? 



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