By Ruchika Batra

7 Ways To Take Criticism Right

7 Ways To Take Criticism Right

Nobody likes criticism even if it is meant to be a healthy one. It triggers our flight mode and all we want to do is run away from the situation. Here are seven ways you can actually hear, accept and be a good sport when somebody criticizes you.

Stop Your First Reaction

As soon as you believe someone is approaching you for criticizing, hold your first and foremost reaction to yourself. Just be there, stand still and listen.

Just Listen

I know listening to bitter words is very hard, but keeping your mouth shut can really work magic at times. Why you should listen, read point number three.

Understand They Have Their Own Map Of The World

We all speak from our different perspectives, thoughts and experiences. We all have our own lens of looking at things, so whenever you have a critic in front of you know that he/she is outlining all that to you from his/her own map of the world and its alright to take it. It’s okay to listen to them and understand what they have to convey. You don’t need to take it personally, just remind yourself that they are speaking from the story they have understood.

Friendly Body-language 

We cling, we shut down and we become close and stiff as soon as those words hit us. These are the signs that you are not welcoming what the other person wants to say. Do the opposite and get your natural state into the zone and be as causal and easy you can.

You Cant Please Everyone

 Many a times people will criticize you not because they thought you were wrong in anything but they took it as something personal to them. They are more interested in the act of criticizing and not in the subjectivity of it. That sort of criticism is not you should be worrying about because really you cant make everyone happy all the time.

Rise Above The Criticism

When criticism approaches you, move up the ladder and see if it is you or your actions are being criticized. If it’s about you, you are the better judge of moral and social values and if its the action – you can always choose to alter and improve.

Thank The Critic

When you thank the critic for their review or feedback you create a candid relationship and let them go guilt free. You even can expect them to give you suggestions on how you can change what they have highlighted or you can choose to follow up for a good relationship.

Choose to grow!



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