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8 Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

8 Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

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Holiday season is the most amazing time of the year as the energy gets really high and happy.  You see affection, joy and enthrallment in the eyes of people whether you know them personally or not. The ease of positivism and delight that flows through life during these beautiful days is somewhat magical. Everyone around seems to be all good and cheerful and you can not afford to miss out on the contagious fun. There is celebration and sharing and exchange of gifts as the year wraps itself in the foggy season and promises the newness of life. We bring you here some mindful ideas to give back gifts that will last forever in the memories of your loved ones!

1. Give WORDS (offline)| Express your feelings and emotions with positive and gleeful words that will uplift your dear one. Write a letter, go vintage, original, raw and old. Leave the technology aside and buy that postcard, create a collage, call a friend and meet up for coffee. Give words like you have never given before!

2. Give ACCEPTANCE | Allow someone to be themselves, hear them out without any judgement. Accept them with their envelope of imperfections and let them be.

3. Give TIME | Really be with your partner or family members without any distraction. Give them undivided attention and let them own the present moment with you. (no phone calls)

4. Give VALUE | Buy a book, take your friends for that yoga workshop, sit and discuss over real matters. Help someone evolve, share your experience and add some value, donate, feed someone and contribute the best way possible you can.

5. Give FREEDOM | Freedom in relationships and freedom in life. We have this tendency to control others, manipulate them and get all the selfish motives fulfilled. Give freedom this holiday season and let people choose their own way. Promise yourself to let go of the pushy control and stop directing what needs to be celebrated and how. Just give away the freedom of choice!

6. Give GRATITUDE | This is the most important time to cherish and embrace what we have. Give gratitude to people you have in your life and also to all the stuff that you possess. Do take a moment to say thanks in your heart for all that you are surrounded with.

7. Give SMILES | Smile away for free. Don’t wait for the moment, get up and smile, go to sleep and smile. Keep the happiness overflowing and keep the momentum racing.

8. Give FORGIVENESS |Don’t hold back with old regrets and grudges. Give forgiveness to people for hurting you, accept the apology you have never got and give this free gift to your own being.

Happy Holidays!!Do tell us what you are going to do this Christmas in the comments below? 


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