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8 Quick Ways To Restart Your Bad Day!

8 Quick Ways To Restart Your Bad Day!

We all have been there!

Your boss schedules a feedback meeting while you have been screwing it all day, your boyfriend meets you after months only to keep you waiting, your favorite piece of thing is out of stock and the metro you are commuting in is getting way too much delayed. No matter where you are in your life and your beautiful journey there are things that can trigger negative emotions and get you drowning in the sulking and fuming loop. There are people, situations and causes that can get you carried away in the unhappy momentum and once you tag along you are sure to end it completely and entirely on a eeks very bad note. I have had my share of bad days and sometimes I have chosen to change it around and mostly I waited impatiently and anxiously for them to end. But because we always have a choice I thought of creating a list that I can always fall back to whenever I am in that annoying situation. How wonderful it would be to reboot, restart and renew your day instantly! Hope this serves you well!!

And hey just so you know…

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  •  Remove Yourself From The Situation – Whenever there is an event which is invoking bad emotions and you are certain won’t help you in any possible way, move and run away (not literally). Just remove yourself from that space, those people and go out for at least 10 minutes. We feel bad or negative because of the transfer and exchange of bad energy waves, when you move out you allow yourself to reorganize your energy pattern in a different decoration and if you are nearby something soothing you will feel the surge of good vibes instantly.
  •  Help Someone – When you do good, you feel good. If you are having a bad day, make someone else’s happy and joyful. Share a smile, give away something, buy someone food to eat or help someone who needs it. May be call and get willing to lend ears to someone who has been asking for it from weeks or give a pep talk to a junior.
  •  Write It All Down – I have done this all my life, I am that girl who will carry a diary wherever she goes and has a pile up of them with written letters to god and a lot of angry scribbles back home. Whenever I feel hurt, bad or disappointed my diary becomes my shrink. There is a certain power and healing that occurs when you put your emotions in words, you don’t have to architect them with right symbols or language you should just be able to  throw them all out. You can even do it on your phone’s notes area if you are not fond of writing on paper or are afraid of hiding it away.
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  •  Drink Loads Of Water – Negative emotions can eat away your logic, decision making skills, creativity, efficiency, your control on life. Drink water to savor each drop and rewire your brain to get more clarity and sanity. Water is a healer and helps in removing toxins to clear your system. Read more on the habit of drinking water every morning here.
  •  Go Visual – We live in a world that is bombarded with visual happiness all over the internet. Click funny selfies,  create a happy setting or go out click the picture of the first beautiful thing that comes your way. Don’t share it on your social networking sites to seek validation in terms of likes or anything, do it for your creative fun and bring out the best inspirational angle you can.
  •  Start Singing – This has been tried and tested a lot many times before. Whenever you are in an awkward situation, start humming and you will witness a change of energy instantly. Of-course you can’t do it while you are in a meeting with your boss or in a situation that won’t allow such a beautiful nonsense way of grinding the negativity, so find a corner and do it. Really! Start singing and humming, you can even choose a prayer or mantra that is your favorite.
  •  Breathe –  Whenever we are pissed, anxious, fearful, confused or stuck with any of the negative emotions, we forget our breath. Though breathing is an involuntary mechanism that occurs naturally and we don’t have to keep a tab on it but because our energy turns shallow so does our breath. Try breathing deeply and consciously in the unhappy times and you will be able to release the unhealthy emotions and vibes very easily.
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  •  Shake Your Body – Our body and mind our interconnected. They are like best friends who will follow each other without any question. If they are going in different directions, convince once and the other will kneel down to the demands. Change your body to change your mind or change your mind to trigger a new movement/reaction in your body. When you are upset emotionally your body feels down, lazy, unhealthy and loses on energy so shake it and move it to create a new energy pattern and it will help in changing your thoughts. Regenerate new cells consciously!

Conclusion – Even with the most amazing morning start we can stumble upon a bad day situation but its fun to know that you have the power to flip it around and restart your bad day. Easy ways like drinking water, singing, moving the body, writing and focusing on breath can work wonders. In the worst cases one must move away from the setting and may be wear a photography hat or do some yoga or breathing exercise.

How do you turn your bad days right? Share some thoughts? 



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