On consciously choosing a happier & healthier lifestyle!


Namaste Happiness is an Indian wellness lifestyle blog for the mindful seekers, wellness enthusiasts and motivated individuals. If you obsess over your yoga mat, carry a gratitude journal, believe in shining from inside-out, love dressing up or you are ready to discover tools, tips, and resources to consciously choose a happy and healthy lifestyle then you are at the right place! 

Namaste Everyone!

My name is Ruchika Batra and am a Mass Media professional, certified yoga enthusiast, personal development junkie and a fitness lover. I share hope, happiness and yoga with a bit of style, food, laughter and drama through these sacred pages and my new found love for youtube videos.

What’s in the name?

{Nah-mas-tey}The word literally means “I bow to you”, “I honor you” and “I respect you”. 

Happiness – A mental and emotional state of well-being. 

Namaste Happiness is thereby an act of bowing down to your own health and happiness. 

This space on the internet was born around 2015 out of my own need and love for exploring wellness choices, reading self help books and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. After quitting my high paying day job, I had a phase of learning and unlearning and writing blogs has always been my therapy. I love to express myself through words, pictures and videos. I am passionate about sharing my self love journey with you all with bits and pieces of my life here and there. You will find all sorts of reminders on this blog with intention and action! I hope you find my expression valuable!

I currently reside in Singapore and often travel to my home back in India. I also keep sharing my Singapore Stories on my Instagram page  🙂 You can follow me here.

Feel free to write to me at ruchika@namastehappiness.com for any queries, suggestions or feedbacks! I would love to hear from you!


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