Namaste Happiness is an Indian wellness lifestyle blog for the mindful seekers, wellness enthusiasts and motivated individuals. If you obsess over your yoga mat, carry a gratitude journal, believe in shining from inside-out, or you are ready to discover tools, tips, and resources to lead a consciously driven happy and healthy lifestyle then you are at the right place! 

We obsessively cover yoga & fitness studios, personal development trainers, healers, healthy vegan cafes, eco-friendly fashion trends, natural beauty products and bring you the best in the wellness industry from India & Singapore. 

What’s in the name?

{Nah-mas-tey}The word literally means “I bow to you”, “I honor you” and “I respect you”. 

Happiness – A mental and emotional state of well-being. 

Namaste Happiness is thereby an act of bowing down to your own happiness, meeting and greeting other happy people, places and things. 

Namaste Happiness is all about deliberately choosing an awesomely happier & healthier lifestyle. The intention of this website is to bring you breath-taking insights on the journey of life, personal growth, health & well-being and help you to completely immerse in the inspiration that lasts as you do it all in style. 

Its a space to shine from INSIDE-OUT.

Here, you will learn about executable, mindful, holistic concepts and get reminders of hope and happiness! It will trigger self-love in you with organic & natural beauty products, fashion trends, great food and will motivate you to live the yoga of life with some personal tales!

About Editor/Blogger

Ruchika Batra is a Mass Media professional, certified yoga enthusiast, personal development junkie and a fitness lover. She shares her story, wellness tips, reviews and fun life adventures through the pages of this blog and her new found love for Youtube Videos. She can live on fresh fruits and vegetables, swears by the power of mindfulness and believes everything is possible!

We also have contributors from New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Singapore. If you wish to write for us or contribute any wellness post then connect at ruchika@namastehappiness.com





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