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How To Accept Your Life The Way It Is? – Vlog

Written by Ruchika

There are going to be situations, circumstances, that boss, that breakup, that haircut, those friends or that city which you don’t like at all and you desperately wish you could change it. You want to turn it around and make it look the way you want it in your life. But unfortunately you have no control over anything and all you can do is make peace with it. As the wise folks said that accept what you can’t change and move on. But how do you really accept things you loathe in your heart? How do you let them pass through your life when all you want to do is jump away from those parts as soon as possible? In this Blog/Video post I would like to share with you four ways to cultivate the habit of acceptance –

Acceptance is a choice, it is a decision that you make in all your consciousness. It’s a way of welcoming new realities with open arms! The more you accept things the way they are; the more you give yourself the power to create your own future.

Believe in the Universal Order

You may feel cheated, heart-broken, victimized, hopeless or left-out but you have to gather yourself and believe in the UNIVERSAL order of things. God has his funny way of loving us. He may make us feel like a loser but he always has a plan, a better plan than we can ever imagine. Just believe that this is the best possible situation for you to rise in life and keep going.

Seek Out The Lesson

What you resist, persists and there is always a lesson that smashes right in front of our face with different situations or people. If you are facing the same set of problems again and again then you might be missing the link. You may need to learn a lesson in that part of your life to grow and evolve. It can be about forgiving others, forgiving yourself or working on yourself. Just look out for that message life is trying to give you!

Remember You Can Only Control Yourself

How you feel, what happens withing you is all in your hands. Nobody has the right to decide what goes inside you or how you perceive your life. So, if that boss is not a good one; then you can choose to ignore and look at the positive side of your job. You don’t have to be a slave of other people, you don’t have to react on their reactions; you can calmly walk through life with your head held high because you choose to feel good about yourself and your life.

Everything is Temporary

In life, nothing is permanent. People are changing, situations are turning into something or the other and there is no guarantee to anything! So you might as well, just take a control of how you feel right now and seek out the best possible thing you can do to rescue yourself from the trouble of negative emotions because stressing over it won’t be of any help!


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