By Ruchika Batra

6 Ways To Achieve Your Fitness Goals In 2017!

6 Ways To Achieve Your Fitness Goals In 2017!

As we approach the New Year, it’s time to pause, reflect and create new goals for our life. We all tend to make fitness goals and create a benchmark of the body weight we desire as a new year resolution but never get to achieve it. This blog post will help you in making your fitness goal a reality this time. Mentioned below are some radical lifestyle changes that can really help you burn that fat and feel awesome instead!

Have a Workout Journal, TRACK everything!

It’s important that you decide what do you want to achieve, your timeline, your action plans, your fitness goals and how you are going to get there. List everything down in an Exercise Journal because once you write it down on paper, you give your brain something to look forward to and take it seriously. Write your ideal body weight, how you wish to feel in your body, what are you going to eat, your exercise breakdown. If you are planning to hire a personal trainer or sign up for a yoga class then you can simply ask him/her to guide you with your exercise plan but if you are going to be your own guru or follow any online plan then write and schedule your workout plan accordingly. You can also make it a point to track your journey using great fitness trackers available in the market. I personally love Fitbit and Jawbone! You must as well write all the measurements before you begin so you can celebrate your achievements.

Choose what works best for you!

Most of us dread going to the gym because we don’t like the heavy equipments, the resistance training or whatever the reason may be and then we end up slouching on the couch. Fitness is not just going to the gym, it’s a lifestyle of being active and happy. Choose the thing that helps you become active; it can be dancing, walking, running, climbing, yoga etc. Once you do what you enjoy the most; you will stick to it and commit to it. Also, it’s not important to go the gym in the morning, go whenever you feel like. Just give some 30-45 minutes everyday to keep your body fit.

Know your WHY

Don’t do it for others, don’t do it to impress that potential boyfriend. Understand the deeper reason of why you want to be FIT and what your fitness goals mean to you. Once you accept that you are doing it for yourself and  you want to feel different and active then your goals can be converted into actions easily. But, remember fitness is more than a number on the scales! You need to accept your body the way it is right now and then make changes to be the best version of yourself. Your reason should be convincing enough for you to continue this as a way of living!

Start Small

You want those abs, toned legs but it won’t happen overnight. You have to start small, be patient, trust the process and let your body progress the way it can. You should initiate your journey with small changes like drinking more water, portion control, good sleep, having that glass of green juice and avoiding junk food and alcohol.

Have Fun! 

Fun is that emotion which drives our motivation. When we are having fun, we not only enjoy the moment, we want to re-live it again and again. Imagine hitting the gym to just have fun? Always enjoy your work out, measure your results and don’t lose hope! You can get a gym buddy, buy fancy sports gear or have a great playlist to induce that happy factor too!

Understand the Science behind weight-loss or Body Toning

There is a science of how things work, how you lose weight, how you can sustain it and what you need to keep in mind once you are on that path. I am sure you must have heard that they say –  it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise when it comes to weight loss but have you ever wondered why? All the answers are available on google for your reference. Therefore, once you begin your fitness journey make sure you understand it all.

Hope you get to your goals this 2017! All the best 😀



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