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Antidote @ Select CITYWALK | Cold Pressed + Organic + Vegan

Antidote @ Select CITYWALK | Cold Pressed + Organic + Vegan

ANTIDOTE, is the first ever Coldpressed Juice & Vegan Mylk booth at Select CITYWALK in Saket, Delhi. They are proudly the pioneers of Cold-pressed juices in India.

Brainchild of young sisters and entrepreneurs Nadia & Carol, along with their mother Simran Singh who is a nutritionist; ANTIDOTE aims to provide the urban Indian youth with a simple on-the-go solution to achieve a healthy balance & to help counteract the effects of a stressful lifestyle. The brand has been built over a strong foundation to provide complete health and nutrition through its products which are 100% vegetarian, organic and cold-pressed. Their unique juices are blends of fruits, veggies & greens and come fortified with all-natural superfood extracts like Noni, Chlorella, Green Coffee, Ashwagandha, Mangosteen & Moringa.


I recently got a chance to try their juices and organic mylk and follow a one day Skin Cleanse plan which is great for skin and hair. And I can certainly say that the juices made me feel completely refreshed and alive but I am not sure about any dramatic visible changes I can reveal. I guess its because I went for a one day plan and not three, yes they have five amazing programs or cleanses that you can select either for a day or 3 day span. Sounds great, right? Here are the options –

EXHALE to purify & detoxify

SKINNY DOWN for weight-loss

LIGHT UP or skin & hair

HORSEPOWER for protein & strength


 I loved the goodness in these bottles and pretty packaging that makes you feel great the instant you hold them.  These bottles are UV protected and can be bought separately as well. These plans are great for people who are interested in having a strict fitness regime, are inspired to eat and drink clean or are just keeping a check on their weight. But if you find yourself craving a sip of nourishment, deprived of energy and bored of all the fizzy drinks while shopping then just go grab a single bottle of wellness from @Antidote booth at Select CITYWALK or get them delivered right at your doorstep. They also have a line up of stunning mylk varieties that are exceedingly appetizing and flavorsome.


Here is the review of four drinks that I gulped down –

The Alkalizer

Comprised of Apple, Courgette, Parsley & Peppermint (INR 250)

This green juice bottle of anti-oxidants and essential minerals like potassium and phosphorous is subtly tasty and delightful. It has power-packed properties and comes with vitamins such as A & C which can help transform you into a flawless creature. I personally loved its taste and tang.

The Rejuvenator

Comprised of Apple, Carrot, Beetroot, Ginger & Mangosteen extract (INR 250)

I have a thing for cold pressed juices with the ingredient of ginger. I can drink them everyday and would be happy to recommend it to anyone who loves subtle flavors. This rejuvenator drink from Antidote is a perfect dose which will not only detox your system but  will regularize the bowel movements because of the presence of Mangosteen which is also considered great for skin disorders.


The Conditioner

Comprised of Almond, Vanilla Water & Coconut sugar  (INR 250)

Almond Milk is a star drink for skin & bone health. it’s high-protein, fat-free & lactose-free with high levels of vitamin E that retains moisture in the epidermis & keeps the skin looking plump & muscles taut. Coconut Sugar has half the GI of table sugar & is packed with amino acids. a dash of Vanilla Water completes this mix with B-complex & zinc. Take to this new-age milk if you want to keep clean as a whistle, yet radiating like the sun! It tasted like cold coffee with less sweetness to me but was fulfilling.

The Energizer

Comprised of Apple, Bell pepper, Basil, Ginger & Noni extract (INR 250)

Get your feel-good hormones going with this potion that contains Noni, which has active plant compounds that help fight cancer cells, keep allergies at bay and increase immunity. This drink is a perfect energizer filled with elements that will boost your energy balance and light you up in seconds.

Website –

WHERE – on the first floor of Select CITYWALK, Saket. 





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