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Aromatherapy With Ekam Scented Candles

Aromatherapy With Ekam Scented Candles

The most easiest, cheapest and quickest way to add a troupe of positive energy in your home, turn your moods around, design an atmosphere of relaxation or infuse warm joy is through scented candles. They make the most amazing gifts, luxurious items for decor and give birth to that creative spirit lying dormant within you. With any sort of fragrance, the logic is same! Whenever you inhale any scent, it reaches a section of your brain called limbic system which controls emotions, moods and memory. Hence, the good fragrance flashes back happy  memories,  swiftly reorganizes moods and convert fearful, negative or unpleasant emotions to lovely outcomes.

I personally love having a corner of scented candles in each room to improve the overall vibe of the house and elevate positive energy. It is essential to detoxify the space you live in on a daily basis to get rid of blocked patterns and transform your relationships with loving partners and family members and incorporate well-being for long lasting connections.

IMG_20150521_235121~2These days I am swooning over my pillar candles from (Ekam Online), a brand dedicated in providing a rich, unique and exotic experience when it comes to home fragrances!  Ekam in Sanskrit vocabulary represents the ‘ultimate oneness’, it is constant, formless, yet present inside everything in this universe. Broadly, it stands for ‘one’ or ‘singular.’ Ekam brand thus reflects our Indian identity. Exquisite and superb name right? That is why I am very much inspired and excited about the beautiful essence this brand holds!

I have with me Exotic Opium 3″ and Banana Nut Bread 5″ that I am using daily to initiate beautiful mornings, read calmly and breathe in good air with the art of attention. The yellow bright color of banana nut bread injects such cheerful, fun, creative and happy emotions that you can’t stop feeling inspired and focused. Representing sunshine and made from flavors of vanilla, ripe bananas and delicious walnuts, this fragrance is sure to remove all stress and strain from your body and eliminate all confusing mental clouds. It has a very subtle way of transporting joyful emotions, dust off disturbing thoughts and structure a candid nook.


Exotic opium on the other hand justifies its name with the exotic sensations it enthralls. A rich, oriental, enchanting and mystical vibe of its look and scent can easily make you high on pleasurable moods. It can evoke seductive feelings and create a therapeutic atmosphere for expansiveness, love and self-indulgence. A great fragrance to keep alongside bathtub or light while doing makeup or getting on bed after a long day for relaxed sleep.

All products at Ekam ( carry style, sense and aesthetics that will sway your heart! They have a variety of decor  accessories as well such as candle holders, oil warmers, and potpourri containers in metal, ceramic and crystal material with reasonable price tag. They all make perfect gifting options for birthday and wedding occasions and if you accompany them with a handwritten note, you will set the right intention on fire!


Banana Nut Bread – INR 375

Exotic Opium – INR 250

Hope you enjoy them 🙂

Images – Team Namaste Happiness



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