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Author: Ruchika

5 Vegetarian Pre-Workout Meals | What To Eat Before Your Workout?

They say that abs are made in the kitchen and I can’t agree more. Nutrition is more important than training and if you can balance both; you can make long-lasting transformations. I have been working-out quite aggressively off lately and eating the right foods to […]

‘Rasayana’ Opens Two New Yoga Studios In Gurgaon and Greater Kailash!

‘Rasayana Yoga & Fitness’ studio opens two new centres in Gurgaon and Greater Kailash 2 for you to kick start your yogic journey. Expanding their repertoire of yoga styles and providing you with special yoga classes for weight loss, ‘Rasayana’ is here to become an undeniable resource […]

Why Drink Water In A Copper Vessel?

I am not one of those folks who drink water with lemon and honey everyday but what I really do is drink water in a copper vessel every morning without fail. I am sure you must have heard your mothers and grand mothers suggesting this […]

I Tried Beer Yoga & Here’s Why It’s TOTAL BULLSHIT

I understand that we are cool kids and we live in a culture where we want everything to be happening, jazzy and kind of out of the world. Therefore, the ancient science of yoga has been moulded into different forms and styles to fit our […]

Things You Will Relate To If You Are Trying To Live A Healthy Lifestyle!

The struggle to live a healthy lifestyle is real and we all go through those days when we are motivated to burn those calories and continue making changes and then there are days we feel so out of the routine. I am sharing some of […]

You Just Can’t Miss AtréYoga Teacher’s Crash Course In New Delhi

If you are passionate about Yoga and you hold a basic teacher’s training certificate then check out this exceptional crash course by AtréYoga coming up this August in New Delhi, India. Founded by Zubin Atré – an Author, TEDx Speaker, Yoga Trainer, Fashion Influencer and the man […]

We want women to take charge of their health – Obino

Obino is a health and weight loss app that guides you to lead a healthy lifestyle and reach your fitness goals with expert consultations, diet plans, certified instructors and personal coaching. In this article below the founder of Obino – Ritu Srivastava shares her own […]

De-stress! How to manage stress?

We live in a fast paced society where everything is moving so rapidly that we are constantly feeling lost, overwhelmed, unhappy or stressed. Life has become so devoted to technology that we live a digital life; breathing posts, tweets and filters. We all know how […]