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Beat The Heat With The All New Body Shop Sorbet

Beat The Heat With The All New Body Shop Sorbet

The body shop sorbet


“The Body Shop” introduced two ultimate skin quenching, frosty products with an amazing event launch recently. I was lucky to be a part of this “Happy Summer” get together with a bunch of lovely people!

They introduced an amazing line of moisturizers called The Body Shop Sorbet! The vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet for face and three different flavors for the the body sorbets! Lets dig in and uncover this new range from the most loving vegetarian beauty brand from heart!

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

This is the latest cooling skincare treat from The Body Shop. With a burst of refreshing coolness, a velvety soft texture and deep hydration, it helps your skin beat the heat.

Our skin needs water to stay plump and hydrated. Vitamin E Aqua Boost sorbet contains aqua sphere technology – microscopic moisture spheres that act like tiny reservoirs and hold hundreds of times their weight in pure water. Each pot contains over 2 million aqua spheres, delivering a 24 hour feed of moisturisation to the skin.

With wheatgerm oil and Community Fair Trade shea butter and soya oil, the aqua boost claims to combine the natural moisturizing power with the latest technology to hydrate like never before.

Containing mineral particles that help to absorb oil and mattify, the feather light sorbet texture simply sinks into skin, so you can stay shine free, fresh and confident all summer long.

Price – INR 1195 

Quantity – 50ml

namaste happiness_thebodyshop_sorbet


I have been using the Aqua Sorbet daily from last two weeks and I can swear by the fact that it is stupendously refreshing and light. It absorbs very quickly and will make your skin feel good and nourished. I like its subtle, organic fragrance that will remind you of its Vitamin E quality. I haven’t seen any changes in the terms of shiny skin or fairness but it stays for long and keeps my face hydrated all day long. I guess it has an expensive price tag attached to it because of its unusual technology of aqua spheres. It is something you should definitely try for this summer if you can shell out that much amount!! (you wont regret). It comes in a small cute jar that is portable and pretty!

namaste happiness_ the body shop sorbet

The Body Sorbets

Available in two fruity flavors – Strawberry and Satsuma and one floral fragrance – Moringa, the body sorbets offer the ultimate summer sensational experience.

They contain 100% organic Community Fair Trade Aloe Vera from East Mexico to comfort, cool and soothe skin frazzled by the summer heat.


I am using Moringa Body Sorbet and it has the same lovely matte touch to it like the aqua boost. I love its fragrance a lot and I guess I am going to eat it and finish it soon so I can buy another flavor. It has been priced very nicely and comes in good quantity. I would definitely recommend you to replace your casual body lotion with this little magical tube of softness. The flap opener makes it easy to use and handle with care!

Price – INR 795

Quantity – 200 ml

Tip: If you want more sensational energy, put these sorbets in a refrigerator and then apply to feel the icy coolness of happy skin!

P.S. Participate in the The Body Shop Treasure Hunt Contest and get these beauties for free! 



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