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“Begin Again” Movie – Life Lessons

“Begin Again” Movie – Life Lessons

I was immediately called in my heart to watch this movie “Begin Again” when I saw my favorite blogger instagramming about it. I knew where to find it online and without wasting much of my precious life I went for it. I started with a simple gaze at my screen and within a span of few moments I was hooked, I wanted to hug Mark Ruffalo from the other side and I had this immense desire of singing with Keira Knightley as she blew my mind with her sexy voice that stirred my soul. Both these characters were quirky, simple, creative and lived a magnificent role onscreen that you can refer back to reality without much of a struggle.

Begin Again is a 2013 musical + romance drama written and directed by John Carney

Plot – The movie is about a pretty young musician, Greta (Keira Knightley), who has recently been dumped by her boyfriend, Dave Kohl (Adam Levine), who is a rising star in the music industry and Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo), who, being newly unemployed and estranged from his wife and his daughter, Violet (Hailee Steinfeld), is equally distressed and on the verge of committing suicide. When Dan listens to Greta perform at a local pub, he is overwhelmed. There begins a journey of a lifetime, they come together for launching Greta without any money in their pockets. Turning random places and streets into their studio on the go and kids playing around into their playback singers. They brew magic together for the sole aim of creativity and passion for their music. “Begin Again” will certainly give you a fresh lens to look at life accompanied with the moments of laughter, fun, ease and lessons.

Here is what all I am taking away with me and you can too –

1. Create even if everything sucks – Dan was depressed and lonely but still he had this hunger for creating something new, something fresh and something that will bring him alive

2. Follow your passion no matter what

3. Have the courage to say NO and abide by your belief system

4. Whatever happens happens for the best – If Dave wouldn’t have broken up with Greta, she wouldn’t have been sitting in that pub and singing songs while the producer of her future album walks in

5. You can find inspiration anywhere, keep your eyes opened even if you are drunk

6. Dance on your own tune – The way Dan and Greta barge into a disco and start tapping their feet on the music they were enjoying on headphones is a beautiful moment to cherish

7. You have everything you need to get started – They turned streets into their on the go music studio, without any budget they motivated people to be a part of their label. What do you need? See around how can you leverage because you will never have a perfect day to fulfill that dream you are squeezing in your heart.

8. Be Present – This world is a beautiful place to live in and most of the times we just need to stop, drop and breathe

9. Don’t run for labels – At the end Greta didn’t launch herself into a singing sensation, she just uploaded her music online going the old way

10. Random people you meet in a pub can save your life (just for a chuckle)


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