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Beginner’s Guide To Essential Oils

Beginner’s Guide To Essential Oils

Essential oils are quite popular these days, they are used for a variety of healing purposes. They can help you enhance your mood, improve your body functionality and transform your energy to restore balance and stability in life. I always knew about their significance but it was just recently that I incorporated Navarasas Essential oils in my routine. I wanted to share my review about those little dark magical bottles but I thought I will try and provide you with a beginner’s guide to using essential oils so it takes you along with me in this journey.

What are Essential Oils?

“An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation, often by using steam. Some important information that you should know about an essential oil is the botanical name, chemotype (if applicable), origin of plant (this can drastically change the chemical constituents percentages) and extraction method.”

Some essential oils are derived from seeds while many others are extracted from the leaves of the plant. Because essential oils are so highly concentrated it takes a large amount of plant to produce just one oil. Essential oils are incredibly powerful due to this high concentration, so a little bit goes a long way.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and even Indians have been using natural essential oils from centuries for medicinal, aromatherapy, spiritual purposes and to keep good hygiene. The history of essential oils date back to 10th – 11th century. It is incredible to note that with every advancement and every year the extraction process became more simpler, modern and accessible.

Mind, Body & Soul Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils, as we know have been existing from decades and their beneficial role aligns your body, mind and spirit. We all have experienced it, whenever we smell roses or fresh flowers there is an instant change in the mood, a sudden shift in the body and a pure feeling in the heart. Likewise, essential oils can create a harmonious flow in all these areas of your life –

MIND: When we inhale a good, pleasant, happy fragrance it reaches a section of our brain called limbic system which actually controls our moods, emotions, memory and learning. If the fragrance has positive trails, it triggers beautiful memories and allows us to feel calm, relaxed and at peace. Fragrances like lavender and vanilla can relieve stress, bring tranquility and create a sense of clarity. Peppermint and eucalyptus  can pump you up with good energy for mental activities invoking focus, attention and concentration.

BODY: Essential oils with certain strong fragrances can aid in immunity, digestion, headache, skin issues, hair growth and many other physical concerns. They can even help in releasing pain, wounds or illnesses. They cannot be replaced with regular medicine but for a natural subtle healing, there is nothing better than the aromatherapy with essential oils.

SOUL: The use of fragrances have always been associated with spiritual and religious rituals. Burning of incense sticks, certain oils, inclusion of flowers, herbs and other scented natural materials have always been a regular part of paying homage to gods and goddesses. Essential oils can help you balance your energetic chakras in the body, remove negative blocks and open a space for higher intuition and guidance.

How Should I Choose Them?

You can choose essential oils on the basis of either the preference of fragrance or requirement. There are also other factors that you might need  to take care before investing in them such as – which essential oils should be kept away from kids, how to store them, which ones to avoid in sun etc.

essential oils

How Should I Use Essential Oils?

Educate yourself fully when it comes to the usage. There are different ways you can apply essential oils on your body. You can apply on wrist, neck, around ears or massage on different parts of the body. Some oils are applied with other substances so make sure you know how to use them either via the product description or Google uncle.

What’s My Experience?

I have been using Navarasas essential oils that came in beautiful dark bottles with a decent price. I have been applying the signature blend made of jojoba and sesame seed oil mixed in with orange, lavender, lemon and other essential oils after shower everyday. It instantly brings a feeling of quietness in my sensations and produces a beautiful balance. The “Relaxant” essential oil by them for muscle pain and headache has helped me overcome a lot of concerns after working out aggressively. Its a fusion of massage therapy and aroma combined in a bottle comprising jojoba and sweet almond oil merged with spearmint, lavender, Valerian and other essential oils. I was feeling really exhausted with muscle pain after an intensive gym session and once I massaged the area with the “Relaxant” oil, there was a quick relief. It didn’t magically made all the pain disappear but I felt so good  with pleasant fragrance and an undisturbed state of mind.

I am really enjoying these oils while reading, taking shower, having a little sacred time and just indulging in self-love. I also have a little ritual of sniffing them every night or applying a bit for good sleep. 

These and many other personalized essential oils by Navarasas can be purchased on their website.

Price – 30 ml – INR 599

I hope this post served you well to start with natural essential oils 🙂 Do let me know if you have ever tried any?

Esssential Oil Definition Source

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