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Breaking Myths With Anand Baid, who traveled from Bangalore to Paris by road! VLOG

Written by Ruchika

Hey guys,

As you all know I am new in Bangalore and I have been having a hard time exploring this city. The other day I was checking out some events to attend and I stumbled upon a Launch festival of a community space called “Lahe Lahe”. The name literally means “slowly slowly” and their mission is to provide a rooftop experience for people to slow down, express themselves in any form and enjoy the beauty of life. I was checking their events schedule and I was intrigued to explore the Travel Talk by Anand Baid who traveled from Bangalore to Paris by road with his family. He became quite a sensation and I was excited to share his story with you. It took him 111 days and 11 countries to get a picture clicked under the grace of Eiffel Tower.

They drove for 22,780 kilometres and journeyed a picturesque route through Nepal, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland (The Alps), Spain and finally France! Anand quit his seven-year-old job as an animator at Dreamworks Animation to explore the world in his  Fiat Linea!

Here is my vlog about the event and 5 myths that I believed he broke! I hope you like the video, please do share your comments below 🙂 and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more such vlogs!!




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