By Ruchika Batra

Breaking News – You Decide What You Deserve!

Breaking News – You Decide What You Deserve!

We often settle for less, compromise here and there and let others dictate the value of our lives. When we do that, we commit the most horrifying sin we regret forever. The sin of betraying ourselves, not standing for what we believed in and putting certain emotional triggers first, than our innate essence of power and value. We take that job just for the sake of money, we allow that relationship to flourish so we prove the world we are worthy of love and we keep ourselves stuck in certain friendships, patterns and gulp down the nonsense of relatives because we want to live in the society and fake out a happy emoticon. But don’t you think its time you come out of your shell and really accept the fact that the problem is not out there, its right in here and YOU DECIDE WHAT YOU DESERVE.

Would you not be happy working at a pay-scale that your time and efforts demand? Wouldn’t be great if you romantically get involved with a person who respects you and truly loves you?  and won’t your world be more peaceful if you stopped overcompensating and giving so much to others?

In every given situation, you decide how your reality will function. You take that crap or you don’t. You walk out of that door or silently play the role of a victim. You harm yourself with negative thoughts about your beauty or you embrace it. You are the one who is the owner and the master of this life that’s unfolding right in front of you!

In the name of fear, excuses and obligations STOP playing small. Take up the responsibility of your life and decide for yourself. Decide how people will treat you, decide how much money you should make, decide your aspirations and decide the dynamics of your relationships. And after deciding, WORK for it. Feeling deserved won’t miraculously alter things – you have to back it up with right actions and plans.

Set personal boundaries and don’t take anyone’s abuse as a token of hateful love. Don’t cheat yourself with that talk “Oh he was just angry”, “He loves me otherwise”, “My brother was having a bad day” etc. Have CLEAR lines how people should interfere in your life and how much they can access your emotions. Don’t let them own your triggers and attack whenever they want.

Keep your self-esteem intact and love yourself more than you love anyone else on this planet. When you think highly of yourself, when you hold your own hands and have your own back – you become a reflection of integrity and you know you value who you are. This protects you from slipping in unhealthy relationships or being an approval addict and seeking attention from others. When you practice self-love, you decide how you want to be loved and not take on anything that comes your way.

Start believing that you are WORTHY. The feeling and belief of worthiness is that one aspect we all need to work upon. We get carried away in situations of family abuse, dysfunctional relationships or we feel negative and unhappy when someone else’s getting their share of awesome life because somewhere we are caged in the belief pattern that isn’t working in our favor. [ctt title=”Change your thoughts and one day at a time remind yourself YOU DECIDE WHAT YOU DESERVE” tweet=”Change your thoughts and one day at a time, remind yourself YOU DECIDE WHAT YOU DESERVE! –” coverup=”MQGe8″]





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