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Breathe Ease & Style With Vogmask In Select CITYWALK + Clean Air Fair Details

Breathe Ease & Style With Vogmask In Select CITYWALK + Clean Air Fair Details

As the Odd – Even rule returns in Delhi, the reminder of the notorious air around us acts as an alarm. Every year 30,000 people are dying prematurely in Delhi because of air pollution, a leading cause of dangerous diseases including asthma, strokes, heart disease and cancers. Children are most vulnerable to the pollutants and suffering already: in a 2015 study of school kids in Delhi over 40% were evaluated with weak lungs. Its disheartening to say that not only we are deteriorating our physical bodies but harming our energies and mental + psychological state too.  To make our lives a bit easier here comes some very fashionable, sustainable and affordable products by Vogmask to rescue us from toxic and harmful components we are breathing unconsciously everyday. 

Brought to you by Nirvana Being, an environmental consumer products company which focuses on consumers who care about their health and environment, Vogmask aims at providing you with the highest filtering mask in the world which is a non-disposable, washable mask and is available in varied sizes and unique colors and patterns.

Located on the Ground level of Select CITYWALK, the flagship store houses masks designed both for children and adults, and is the only anti-pollution mask available in India that meets the standards of the United States National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH).

The concept of the store will amuse and invite you totally. The front area is called the pièce de résistance, which is defined by the 3D signature logos of the brands Vogmask and Bobble spanning almost the entire length and breadth of the wall. The same wall is further enhanced by mannequin heads which are dedicated to the display of the fun, fashionable and functional Vogmasks, adding a unique interpretation to the store.


You must check them out if you are looking at protecting yourself from air and water pollution while not compromising on your style quotient. Some of their masks are also designed by Manish Arora to add that quirky bit in the products. Priced at INR 2000 vogmasks are a must have in your wardrobe and health kit. And their water bobble is a great accessory that can deliver clean, portable, great-tasting water through design-led, refillable, self-filtering products in order to eliminate the outrageous waste of single serve water bottles. 🙂


Also, Select CITYWALK is hosting a Clean Air Fair  happening on April 23 -24  which is all about helping you breathe better, and live a generally more healthy life with music, art, stalls and much more aimed at looking for solutions to the air pollution problem. Something you should definitely attend!! There is a a lineup of speakers, experts and professionals who will be addressing the issue and sharing their valuable tips on how to deal with it! 



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