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Calm-A-Sutra – How To Not Give A fuck!

Calm-A-Sutra – How To Not Give A fuck!

I have spent almost my entire life giving a fuck about everything and everyone, be it living or non-living. I have cared way too much about what people will think, what my elder brother would say, how can I stop my aunts to taunt and what should I do to be a good girl with a candy image.

I have spend days and hours in my hideous shelter, calculating the perfect strategy to please those folks and do everything to get their approval. I have done whatever I could in any given situation, regardless of how deceitful I was being with my own self. And I have realized overtime that it is a quite normal scenario for we Indians, we have been born and brought up worrying about chintu’s marks and ritu’s hair, we have to walk around comparing ourselves with rohit’s girlfriend and preeti’s salary. We were instructed in a way to give a fuck and worry about every nonsensical thing in this world and then as we grew up, we found ourselves juggling with negative emotions and unpleasant reactions.

If you are someone who is worried about making others happy and tired of caring while you dissolve yourself in the ocean of self-sabotage and if you are the one who asks for everyone’s opinion and seeks approval with every phone call and needs reminders of how much you are loved and wanted – You need to read these 5 facts on how to not give a fuck and regain a sense of calm and happiness in your life.

People Are Here To Judge You And That Has Got Nothing To Do With You 

The day I had my aha moment about this above statement, my world literally shifted and started moving anti-clockwise. People are going to judge you, no matter what you do, where in life you are or who you are. That doesn’t make them bad or evil, its just how the society works and operates. It is meant for judging and pointing fingers and when you accept it as a normal routine, you can stop taking their opinions seriously every single time. They will judge you from their own perception and that has got nothing to do with you. We all filter things from our own experiences and then we make conclusions and opinions accordingly. So, if it is a bad and insecure opinion that is being thrown at you, just know its coming from a story they have lived.

You Don’t Want Everyone To Like You

Have you ever read this quote before“I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is pleasing everybody”, because it is an ass-kicker. If you think you can make everyone around you happy and inclined towards you then you are living in a whimsical world. Get a reality check, don’t be a people pleaser and do things to get a 20 second limelight in their life. Not everyone is going to agree and accept you and that’s perfectly okay. But if they do like you, they will bombard you with authentic love and not a temporary affair of acceptance.

People Who Don’t Give A Fuck, Change The World or At least Change Their Reality

To change the world, you have to create and innovate something that will empower masses and provide value to the planet. This is no easy task and if you want to give birth to something extraordinary in your life then worrying about your phone battery dying or boyfriend not calling back shouldn’t be of any concern. Doing something that will create long-lasting effect cannot be obtained by complaining about every single pebble that comes under your feet.  And even if you don’t have a mission or purpose to stand out, you can easily change your reality, improve your reactions and excel at your work if you stop taking everything personally. Successful people don’t get easily bogged down and if you want to aim higher, understand how to not give a fuck at your workplace.

Shun Away From Self-importance, You Are Really Small In This Wide Universe

Most of the times we suffer because we give ourselves way too much of importance and make ourselves pretty special. When you stop making everything about “You”, you will feel the ease of blood flow down your spine. We all have those days when we make up these interesting stories of how that statement said by your boss was about you, how that friend of yours tweeted that line indirectly for you and how the whole world is conspiring against your well-being. The fact is nobody really cares, they are not thinking about you because they are busy thinking about themselves. So, stop making yourself so predominantly important and simply enjoy life.

You Project What You Perceive

I was low on self-esteem and I never valued myself. In my early teenage days, I was given an opportunity to host an annual function of my school and I was crippled with fear and self-doubt. I went up to the stage and vomited the words with nervousness and shivering legs. I believed for the fact that I screwed it up and all I wanted to do was hide in the corner and never show up again. But my friends came and applauded me for good performance. They reassured I did fine,  but it was my own perception of self-judgement and negative thought pattern that created a scenario of giving too much fucks and making a mountain out of molehill. So, sometimes its just the unhappy perception we have for ourselves that creates so much drama. Before you believe in someone else’s judgement about you, check within.


Stop throwing so much fucks around in life for no reason and for god’s sake don’t waste your time shouting at that shopkeeper or getting pissed by a call from the bank. You must conquer your values and do what’s most important to you and do it with utmost grace and determination without making yourself so important. Don’t stop chasing your dreams and really step onto doing things you fear the most. Make goals and if you are afraid of your family and friends, don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness and do what makes you come alive. 



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