On consciously choosing a happier & healthier lifestyle!

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Things You Will Relate To If You Are Trying To Live A Healthy Lifestyle!

The struggle to live a healthy lifestyle is real and we all go through those days when we are motivated to burn those calories and continue making changes and then there are days we feel so out of the routine. I am sharing some of […]

We want women to take charge of their health – Obino

Obino is a health and weight loss app that guides you to lead a healthy lifestyle and reach your fitness goals with expert consultations, diet plans, certified instructors and personal coaching. In this article below the founder of Obino – Ritu Srivastava shares her own […]

4 Easy & Healthy Snacks | Video

Snacking is awesome, but it becomes hard to find those healthy options you would love to eat when you are living a balanced and fitness lifestyle. So, it’s always better to prepare your snacks at home which you can carry with yourself at work or while running errands. […]

Why Spirituality Endorses Vegetarian Diet?

I was lucky enough to study in a school that taught about spirituality and equipped us with the benefits of having a vegetarian diet. I don’t quite clearly remember all about what was specifically disseminated but for sure I understand that spirituality and being vegetarian go hand in […]

Mood Food – 7 Foods That Fight Depression!

Depression, the most prevalent form of mental illness affects 3 out of 100 urban populations in India and 1 out of 3 cases are very severe. The World Health Organization in its new global health estimates on depression for 2015 said while over five crore […]

Would you use a Menstrual Cup?

You have used pads and tampons and have been hearing the buzz about Menstrual Cups lately. But would you go ahead and use it?  The idea of putting something inside your body and let it to sit there for hours to collect blood is quite weird. […]

Wellness is a journey you embark on one day at a time – Interview With Jia Singh!

Hello Jia, please share a brief about you and your work to our readers! I am a Delhi based travel, body positivity and wellness blogger. I run a blog called Wandering for Wellness and contribute regularly towards magazines and websites. I write primarily on fitness, […]

How Being Vulnerable Is Not That Bad!

When you think of this very fancy English word “Vulnerability” there comes a giant wrap of negative connotation. It says you are exposed, it means being naked of who you are and it makes us very very uncomfortable. It makes us feel tricky in our skin […]