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6 Ways To Achieve Your Fitness Goals In 2017!

As we approach the New Year, it’s time to pause, reflect and create new goals for our life. We all tend to make fitness goals and create a benchmark of the body weight we desire as a new year resolution but never get to achieve […]

Hell YES! We Did the 5km Music Run by Fastrack in Bangalore!

From Los Angeles to Bangkok, Singapore to Hamburg, The Music Run made its debut in India on September 10th at the Clarks Exotica Resort in Bengaluru, India. The ultimate 5km running and music festival was brought to you by Fastrack and it was something epic […]

“It Takes Two to Yoga” – Author Interview With Zubin Atre

Discover and explore the art and science of Partner Yoga with Zubin Atre in this interview below. He shares great insights from his newly published book It Takes Two to Yoga: Asanas for Couples & Partners, Please share a brief about your profile, journey and […]

6 Things You Should Do After Every Workout!

“One needs to take care of oneself after every work-out day by following post work-out regimen. The following six must dos after your work-out boosts your energy level and balances your body. It also prevents injury and soreness” COOL DOWN: Cool down exercises is a […]

From Fat To Fit – Get Inspired By A Reality Show On Fitness!

Taking you on a life changing journey of 19 contestants, Tetley Green Tea in association with Jossbox.com brings you”The Transformation“, a one of its kind reality web series that follow folks from varied backgrounds as they go from fat to fighting fit, achieving their fitness goals […]

#FeedToDefeat Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer affecting women at a ratio which has overtaken the cervical cancer. And as a part of the Breast Cancer Awareness month this Pink October, I supported Medela India in their noble cause of #FeedToDefeat campaign organized in Connaught […]

Yoga Diaries: Soul Sweat Yoga Classes In South Delhi

Imagine you are flying a kite and that colorful kite is your monkey mind; the one that flutters here and there and takes you in different directions, the thread that connects your physical body i.e. your hands to that kite far away is your breath. Now, if you […]

Top 5 Yoga Teachers In Delhi {Unique + Interesting Yoga Classes}

The body-mind-soul ancient technology of yoga is probably the only treasure we have. It is one of the best practices that has the power to not only refine your physical aspects but it caters to the spiritual dimensions of knowing thy self. There are no qualms […]