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I Tried Beer Yoga & Here’s Why It’s TOTAL BULLSHIT

I understand that we are cool kids and we live in a culture where we want everything to be happening, jazzy and kind of out of the world. Therefore, the ancient science of yoga has been moulded into different forms and styles to fit our […]

Why Spirituality Endorses Vegetarian Diet?

I was lucky enough to study in a school that taught about spirituality and equipped us with the benefits of having a vegetarian diet. I don’t quite clearly remember all about what was specifically disseminated but for sure I understand that spirituality and being vegetarian go hand in […]

Why Mantras Work?

“Man” means mind, “tra” means wave or projections. Therefore, a mantra is the projection of the mind through sound vibrations. The most important thing to note as a layman is the fact that “Mantras” are words with higher sound vibrations.  In our day-to-day life whenever […]

How Being Vulnerable Is Not That Bad!

When you think of this very fancy English word “Vulnerability” there comes a giant wrap of negative connotation. It says you are exposed, it means being naked of who you are and it makes us very very uncomfortable. It makes us feel tricky in our skin […]

Too Good To Be True | Here is your pack of Healthy Chips – Terra Chips!

Move over your regular potato chips and give Terra chips a try! Terra Chips are your exotic vegetable chips that are a feast for your eyes and delight for your taste buds. Snacking is undoubtedly one of our favorite things to do, we can snack anytime and […]

Nourish Hair Naturally With “Satthwa” Premium Hair Oil (Review)

Allow me to introduce you to this wonderful bottle of health and nutrition for your hair. You heard me right! The Satthwa premium hair oil is not your regular oil; it is a goodness blend of 9 oils all put together in this cute little bottle […]

Why you need to dress well to feel good?

Dressing up has proven to boost your mood, alter your mental state and act as a trigger to make you feel great about your body and life. When you leave your house with shabby clothes, a pair of old flip-flops and messy hair; you end up going through […]

Breathe Ease & Style With Vogmask In Select CITYWALK + Clean Air Fair Details

As the Odd – Even rule returns in Delhi, the reminder of the notorious air around us acts as an alarm. Every year 30,000 people are dying prematurely in Delhi because of air pollution, a leading cause of dangerous diseases including asthma, strokes, heart disease […]